Upcoming OZ Horror in 2014

Upcoming Australian Horror in 2014

Everyone knows WOLF CREEK 2 is set for release in 2014, but the Great Southern land is having a Purple patch when it comes to the horror genre, everything from big budget to shoestring independents are ready for release this year .

First off WOLF CREEK 2, Mick is back doing what he does best, hunting hitchhikers and tourists in a pastiche of everything i fear and love about this country. Under the Tag line Mick is back with a few days to kill Greg McLean has returned to deserts of central Australia with a script penned by the writer of the original WOLF CREEK Aaron Sterns and a much larger cast.

Also from the People who brought you WOLF CREEK comes the monster flick, TERRITORIAL, set in the dense bushland of an unnamed part of Australia, we see a group of criminals flee the law only to be hunted by an ancient aboriginal creature that picks them off one by one, forcing the criminals to join forces with their pursuers to fight or die. Produced by Greg McLean and written and directed by Matt Holmes.

BABBADOOK is at first a normal sounding horror/thriller. A young mother upset at the death of her husband has to deal with her sons seemingly imaginary attacker, The BABBADOOK. Normal fare, until i got a look at the catapult the kid carries around on his back.

babbadook 1

BABBADOOK is directed by Jennifer Kent, developed from her short movie MONSTER she made back in 2005, funded by KICKSTARTER it’s  already making waves after being picked for the 2014 Sundance festival.

Next on the list- WYRMWOOD, a fine mix of mad max Post Apocalypse and zombie free for all directed by Kiah Roache-Turner. Like a lot of Australian Horror Movies WYRMWOOD relies heavily on crowd funding to get up and running, but instead of asking for cash, people were asked to adopt a Zombie, sort of like a Lion or a starving child, each contributor received a Hi-Res poster of their chosen undead to keep. as yet WYRMWOOD doesn’t have a release date but check out the photos on the web and the seven minute teaser, the only way this movie won’t be released is if the undead rise up and smite the living.


Last of all is LIGHTHOUSE, the movie follows a bunch of friends who sail out on a short voyage to scatter the ashes of a dead friend, then due to a few detours are cast upon the shores of an abandoned lighthouse, stumbling on the evil that lives in its walls. Produced by Craig Henry and Renta Burt with the help of creatives From the great Gatsby and Smallville, Henry has definite ideas on how to create a horror movie, “I want to create a new atmosphere in horror, while also looking to reboot the old monster movie genre. Big scares, loud music, the works.”







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