Jim Jefferies to star in OZ Zom-Com.

Australia’s greatest comedy export since Paul Hogan, Jim Jefferies will return to his homeland and star in Declan Shrubb’s new movie Me and My Mates vs the Zombie Apocalypse. Me and My Mates Vs the Zombie Apocalypse revolves around a trio of Telecom technicians who take refuge in a telephone exchange as the Zombie apocalypse lays waste to the world around them. Starring along side Jefferies are two formidable Australian comedy talents, Alex Williamson who plays Daryl and Aussie comedy legend Gregg Fleet who plays the chain smoking Roy.

In 2013 Jefferies debuted his sit-com Legit on FX, showing his comedy chops and a big heart. The show was well received, FX picking it up for another season. In one episode Jefferies proclaims his desperation to get into the movies, claiming ” I’ve got further than a man of my looks, talent and intellect should expect to get in this world.. but if i don’t get into the movies I’ll kill myself”.

Glad to see that won’t Happen now.

Beginning filming in January 2014, Me and my mates Vs the Zombie Apocalypse will be shot in the ACT (Australian Capital territory) on a tiny budget of 600,000. The money coming from a mix of crowd-sourcing and government funding. As for the Zombies themselves, Shrubb says his will be less like the living dead and more akin to humans backsliding into neanderthals.


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