TV Withdrawal: The Mid-Season Finale of THE WALKING DEAD

Eight Ways to Help You Ease the Pain, From a Fellow TV Addict. 

S4 - Walking Dead

With THE WALKING DEAD not returning until February 9th what is there to do? If your like me and the other 12 million people who watched Sunday night’s mid-season finale your probably thinking What Ever Happened to Baby Judith? With episode eight leaving us with conflicted feelings, questions, and craving more it’s a wonder how we’re expected to wait two months for answers. Thankfully the shows not going anywhere with its viewers averaging about 13 million an episode, a considerable increase from last season. But since waiting is never easy I thought I’d offer a few helpful tips to occupy your time. 

EIGHT – Enjoy Christmas. Whether or not you celebrate this time a year its always easy to get lost in the chaos of the holidays. The hysteria of Christmas is often a suffocating, albeit joyous (if it wants to be), fleet where your doomed to hear Santa Baby every time you leave the house. But focusing on Christmas can be less about the commercial aspect and more about keeping your mind off more essential things like why did the bus drive off and leave everyone? If anything you can ask for THE WALKING DEAD for Christmas, then you just have to wait twenty three days to open it.

SEVEN – Hang out with others who feel your pain. Your not in this alone. A lot, and I mean A LOT of people watch THE WALKING DEAD. Talk about it with fellow friends or find fellow friends online. It keeps you actively interested in the show while discussing important points with like-minded individuals.

SIX – Marathon it. The first three seasons are all on Netflix, if you watch one episode everyday and you begin on New Years it should take you right around the time when the show will return. Then you can pack the first half of the fourth season on February 9th leading you right up to the premier.

FIVE – Sign up for the newsletter. I myself have done this as I wont be caught again missing an episode premier because I didn’t know it was on. They also send your articles, quiz games, behind the scenes bits, all WALKING DEAD related stuff. It’ll let you know when episode nine is close and might be handy when your especially bored and looking to kill time on the internet. You can sign up on AMC’s website.

FOUR – Watch the Webisodes. Each season occupies a new webisode series with season four marking the third. The three separate series each take to a story of survivors outside of Rick’s group, but are usually connected to the main story in some distant way. ‘Torn Apart’ tells the story of the Bicycle girl, or one of the early walkers Rick encounters in the first season. Where ‘Cold Storage’ is a about a man who’s found shelter in a storage unit. And the most recent a three episode series called ‘The Oath’ which explains the origins of the cafeteria door Rick saw when he first woke up in the hospital. There basically mini episodes that offer the same qualties found in the main show, Nicotera’s makeup, excellent writing, and strong directing. These may also be viewed on AMC’s website

THREE – Play The Walking Dead: Survival Instincts. The 2013 first person shooter game is for anyone who’s a fan of Daryl Dixon as it follows the story of him and his brother surviving the early days of apocalypse. Available on Xbox 360, Wii U, Playstation 3, and Windows the game it was released earlier this year and should be available almost anywhere. In truth it kind of got negative reviews but hey its Walking Dead related and it should prevent bored for a few days.

TWO – Find a new TV show. As a fellow TV addict I can vouch that this is the best way to help ease the wait over a new show. Simply fill that void you feel within yourself with another show. If anything it’ll just fuel your addiction for television further but it will make you forget temporarily about Rick and the survivors problems and have you stress over some other fictitious persons instead. Though there is nothing quiet like THE WALKING DEAD I can lend a few recommendations. For those still craving horror television American Horror Story, Hemlock Grove, and The Bates Motel are definite watches. Dexter just finished its series run and if you haven’t seen Miami’s Friendly Neighborhood Serial Killer at work you’v been denying yourself the past eight years. Also I highly recommend getting on the Sons of Anarchy Train as Kurt Sutter’s motorcycle epic is nearing its climax.

ONE – Read! THE WALKING DEAD is based on a comic series (which I hope you know unless you’ve been living under a rock) with several issues to keep you occupied for the months ahead. If your missing the show so much why not go back to the original source material? Even better as the show takes its own direction you can enjoy the characters you love but watch them meet different (and often horrible) fates. And even better yet its a ‘picture book’ for those of you who ‘don’t like to read’. But all kidding aside, reading anything helps and nothing gets the mind off a series like getting lost in another series. Plus its more stimulating for your brain which you should keep active for hungry walkers come February.

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