TV Recap: THE WALKING DEAD “Dead Weight”

Meghan contemplates her next move in their chess game as The Governor hangs laundry on a nearby clothes line. When he prompts her to make her move, S4E7 - The Governorhaving not done so because she was thinking, he tells her that she cannot think forever leading to him reminiscence about his father and him playing chess. Meghan asks if his father was mean, stemming from her daddy issues, and then asks if she was good. The Governor reassures her that she is but is quiet when she asks further if he’s good. Intertwining with what followed when last weeks episode ended, Martinez with two men from his camp (Pete and Mitch) helps Meghan up from the pit before he hesitatingly lets down a rope for The Governor. The Governor holds Meghan as Lily and Tara come into view and ask “Brian” if he knows these people. “Brian” answers yes and Martinez, suspicious of The Governor’s new name, asks if he’s been with them since they’ve left, in which he replies yes. With Mitch wanting to leave them, Pete vouches for Meghan’s sake in which Martinez agrees but on the condition that he is in charge and there can be no dead weight added to their camp. The Governor agrees on both points.

Inside their motor home “Brian” tells Lily he wants more for her than this camp, but wanting to stay she believes that their presence can make it better. He kisses her head to reassure his affection for her. The Governor later joins Pete, Martinez, and Mitch later goes on a supply run to a cabin in the woods, as they walk they come across a decapitated body with a sign saying ‘liar’ taped to his chest. Similarly when they approach the cabin they discover two more decapitated bodies with the words ‘rapist’ and ‘murderer’ taped to them. Pete, the brother of Mitch and former service man, has a close call with a walker inside the cabin but is saved when The Governor bashes its’ skull in. Pete notices the missing heads from the bodies, all walkers, left inside the cabin. The men find beer and a few supplies and talk briefly of their past. The Governor avoids the question when asked what he did for a living before the outbreak, offering ‘surviving’ as his answer. Lily meanwhile bandages Alisha’s, a fellow camp member, hand as Tara playfully banters with her over choice of weapon, all while they solicit finer notes of liking each other.

Having returned to camp Martinez practices his golf on top of his trailer, The Governor joins him as Martinez shows off his clubs. Martinez tells The Governor of Shumpet’s fate (one of The Governor’s previous men who left him after the massacre), having been bitten by a walker and Martinez killing him out of mercy. The Governor then asks Martinez if he’s capable of leading the camp, in which Martinez gives a half-hearted answer of trying but not quite sure if he’ll be able too. When he offers The Governor a shared ruling of the group The Governor proceeds to smack Martinez’s head with a golf club and knock him off the trailer. He then drags him to the pit and feeds him, alive, to a group of hungry walkers. That night The Governor is seen shaking and crying in his trailer, Lily finds him but when she pursues after him as to why he’s sweating and crying he shrugs it off to a bad dream that he can’t remember. The next day Pete addresses the camp about Martinez’s death, ruling that he got drunk and fell into the pit on his own accord. Pete then declares he’ll take over the leadership position with many protests from the members who want a vote. Pete infers that it’ll only be temporary until they can find a fair method of voting.

Proceeding with business Pete, Mitch, and The Governor make another supply run into the woods. They come across another groups’ camp which Mitch wants to raid. Pete disagrees and the brothers argue as The Governor observantly watches on. They return later to the camp to see that it has been destroyed and the members murdered. Mitch is frustrated that they didn’t get the supplies while they had the chance. Arriving back from the run The Governor announces to Lily, Tara, and Meghan that they are leaving, due to his lack of trust with Pete’s skills as a leader. Lily argues at first, her defense the same as it was the previous day but he convinces her and the four of them with Alisha leave the camp. They all question The Governor on his sudden decision but don’t make it far from camp when they come across a herd of walkers stuck in the mud, blocking the road. Ultimately forcing them to return.

S4E7 - MartinezThe next morning The Governor strangles Pete inside his trailer. He then goes to his brother trailer and forces his way in by gunpoint. The Governor admits without effort to Mitch that he killed his brother. He tells him that he agrees that they should have stolen the supplies from the raided camp (having seen the malicious potential in Mitch, likely why he kept him alive) and that he is also in charge now. The Governor offers Mitch a smoke which leads him to tell about the first time he smoked. Stealing the cigarettes from his father he was caught but only to have his brother take the blame, but only half of the beating as it was still issued onto The Governor as well. The end of the story has him calling his brother a hero for taking his spot. Mitch, clearly upset about his brothers death and fearful of The Governor, asks what they’ll tell the others. It then shows The Governor dispersing Pete’s body into the lake as his voice, still talking to Mitch, plays over. He lays out for Mitch that they’ll say Pete died on a run, saving them from walkers leaving him a hero, as ‘everybody loves a hero’.

The Governor still not wanting to stay at the camp is comforted by Lily later that night, claiming this to be their home now and not wanting to leave. The morning ensures with Meghan and Tara playing tag as The Governor attends to his left eye inside the trailer. Lily enters the trailer and he immediately goes to cover it but she approaches him and removes the patch. She looks thoughtfully at it before letting him know that he doesn’t have to do this alone. Outside Meghan believes she’s found a hidden Tara hiding behind the clothes line. It in turn is actually a walker that ferociously goes after Meghan, she screams and is almost bitten by the walker when The Governor shoots it in the head. It then flashes back to him at the lake, just having dumped Pete’s body. He goes across the lake and stumbles across the prison in his view. His initial sight is met with Carl and Rick doing their farming business in the yard but his gaze trails when he spots Hershel and Michonne disposing of walkers. The Governor holds his gun up with Michonne in his target, making it evident that he still has intention for revenge.

After Thought: The episode falls short as its the second episode in a row to feature only The Governor, and now even less of the family he joined up with in the last episode. It does little to excite as the ending of the episode was seen in the previous weeks and is ultimately forgettable as The Governor does whats expected of him and kills his way back to the top. Not an unneeded sequence of events but one that likely could have been intermingled with the survivors at the prison who are recovering from the illness that took the first part of this season.

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