Review: Freddy Vs Jason (2003)

Freddy_vs._Jason_movieButton up your pants, pay close attention to your kids and teens because when these two juggernauts go at it NO ONE SURVIVES.

Freddy vs. Jason

Directed by: Ronny Yu

Starring: Robert Englund, Ken Kiezinger, and Kelly Rowland

MPAA rating: M


What else could be more badass than the Springwood Slasher going toe to toe with Camp Crystal Lake’s very own unstoppable force? Nothing unless they threw in the very groovy Ashley Williams like they did in the comic book sequel but with an army of darkness sequel coming out very soon who knows? I think this is a HUGELY unappreciated entry in both series but more so in the nightmare on elm street series. (Especially since when it comes right down to it I’m more of a fan of Nightmare than Friday the 13th)

Freddy vs Jason starts off with a Jason kill scene now it’s not horribly inventive but it does a pretty good job doing what it has to. We soon find out that this is a dream that Jason is having as his mother, played by Betsy Palmer, morphs into Freddy and we’re sent into the real world with the protagonists.

For the most part the characters are kind of forgettable with the only really notable character being the Jason Mewes impersonator. Though the one thing that DOES fair well for the film is the fight scenes, they are some of most well-choreographed fights I’ve seen in my life, and they pull NO punches. Jason has his fingers cut off, Freddy has his arms cut off they use their own weapons against each other. Freddy is stabbed by his own glove and Jason is hacked at and bludgeoned with his machete.

When either of the villains is on screen on their own or stalking prey there is almost ALWAYS a colour theme. When Freddy is shown everything is a fiery red and when Jason is on everything is a deep blue. Each of them having also established their own domain; Freddy being an entity of dreams is more powerful in the dream world and Jason is more powerful in the real world. A great thing to establish because it seems without this Freddy could have won FAR too easily if they hadn’t.

Other than the gripe I have with the characters being kind of forgettable my other gripe is that this came out in the time of REALLY AWKWARD CG. I myself am more of a fan of practical effects, which is the reason I find older horror films to be so endearing, and it really makes the film or show I’m watching that much better when there is practical effects. The scene in which the stoner character is smoking a joint and sees Freddy as the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland smoking the sheesha has god awful effects.

Besides that the film is fun for what it’s worth a cheap excuse to have two horror legends duke it out like the universal horror flicks of yore.

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