Seattle’s THANKSKILLING: THE MUSICAL Reveals Full Cast

This Ain't No Jive Turkey.

Family, friends, fellowship, all of these things are what Thanksgiving is SUPPOSED to be about. Here at TD we want more. A possessed turkey that slaughters people to a happy tune is what we’re talking about and you can get in on this bird too with Thankskilling: The Musical. The musical has just announced its cast and we got those names for you, and how to get tickets if you’re in the area below. Gobble Gobble!


The play will have its world premiere at the Balagan Theater in Seattle on November 29 before moving on to the Cornish Playhouse Studio at Seattle Center on December 2. Performances will run through December 14.

ThanksKilling: The Musical is an adaptation of the Jordan Downey and Kevin Stewart cult horror film with the same title based on a gruesome gobbler out to avenge his tortured ancestors. The play is directed by Douglas Willott and was conceived in partnership with David Eck.

ThanksKilling: The Musical features music by Jeff Thompson with lyrics by Jordan Mann and choreography by Rainbow Flecher. The cast consists of Kody Bringman as Johnny the Jock, Larissa Schmitz as Kristen the Virgin, Evan Hildebrand as Darren the Nerd, Lindsey Larson as Ali the Slut, Evan Woltz as Billy the Hick, Brian Lange as Random Guy and Jeff Orton as Turkie.

Other members of the creative team include music director Kimberly Dare, lighting designer Ahren Buhmann, set designer Noel Barbuto, costume designer Chelsea Cook, sound designer Michael Connolly, production manager Danielle Franich and stage manager Cynthia Kelly.

For tickets and more information, visit the official Balagan Theater website and the official ThanksKilling: The Musical Facebook page.

ThanksKilling tells the hilarious (and often hilariously offensive) story of five college kids headed home for Thanksgiving break who cross paths with a homicidal turkey possessed by an ancient Indian curse. Horror and hilarity ensue as the teens must stop the maniac bird before he kills them all.

ThanksKilling: The Musical


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