Truly Disturbing Headline: Paris Man Accused Of Voodoo Rituals, Unnecessary Exorcisms…And More

A Togolese man went on trial near Paris today charged with raping and assaulting three adolescents in voodoo exorcism sessions.The man, who faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted, is accused of raping the niece of his girlfriend and her two elder sisters


‘I did something that was not good,’ the 28-year-old father-of-two told a court in the eastern suburb of Bobigny.He claimed that that he had now stopped practicing voodoo.voodoo

The 41-year-old mother of the girls, who allegedly gave her consent to the rituals, also went on trial for complicity. The alleged rapes took place between 2010 and 2011.The suspect, whose identity has not been known, is accused of making cuts on the girls’ hands and legs and applying a black powder to the wounds.

He also washed their genital areas.The man was arrested in February 2011 after his last alleged rape. The verdict is due on Friday.Cases of voodoo exorcisms come up from time to time in France, which has a large African community.Recently four men were sentenced for holding a young woman captive and torturing her as they believed she was possessed.

The gang tortured the women and scared them with curses to force them on to the streets.Six people, including one woman believed to be a ringleader-  were arrested after one of the women alerted authorities.Last year, a Nigerian people smuggler who used witchcraft rituals to force children to work as sex slaves was jailed for 20 years in Britain.

Osezua Osolase, 42, tricked poverty-stricken Nigerian orphans into travelling to the UK with the promise of a better life.But the young victims were raped, sexually abused and subjected to voodoo-style rituals by a child trafficking ring.Osolase, the linchpin of a multi-million pound global sex trafficking ring, used ‘juju’ magic to control his victims.

He told the teenage girls they would die or never bear children if they tried to escape or revealed what had happened to them.


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