Director Paul Greengrass May Take THE STAND For Warner Bros?

Can Paul Greengrass Take THE STAND?

From Captain Phillips to Captain Tripps? Sources are saying that director Paul Greengrass is the top choice for Warner that Scott Cooper has left the project. The film will be massive if done right. Can Greengrass tackle this most revered novel by Stephen King? Read on for the news.scott1Warner Bros. is on a mission it seems to make The Stand despite various production issues. is reporting that Paul Greengrass is the top of the list for new directors He is a very accomplished director in his own right but he has not tackled the supernatural. The Stand is not a project to take lightly either. Fans will be very hard pressed to enjoy an adaptation of a King classic…can he do it?

For now, we’ll label this as Rumor until further, more solid news comes our way..


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