Director Found For Big Screen DAY OF THE DEAD Reboot

If you didn’t hear the news, Millennium Entertainment will be bringing a big screen reboot of George A. Romero’s third entry in the “of the dead” series, DAY OF THE DEAD. Word has come down the pipeline that the film has found its helmer in, House At The End Of The Street director, Mark Tonderai will both direct and, with Lars Jacobson, will draft the screenplay.

Bub Day of the dead

Here’s the low-down on the film if you have been living under a rock since 1985:

Set in an underground military base, the film follows the zombie apocalypse from the point of view of both soldiers, scientists and a zombie test subject named Bub.

The new film arrives from Millennium Films and Taurus Entertainment with Christa Campbell and Lati Grobman producing. Both names previously served as producers on the recent Texas Chainsaw 3D.We all know how we feel about that film…yeesh.

Day of the Dead was previously remade in 2008 as a direct-to-home video effort. That film had little to no ties with the Romero original except the military aspect of and Nick Cannon was in it so, that made it extra avoidable¬† The producers on the new film are promising that it will attempt to honor Romero’s original and assure that the zombies will be of the slow-moving horde variety.

We like the fact that the zombies will be slow. This makes the Romero diehard fan in us jump for joy. But will this affect the films scare value? So many kids and teenagers are used to fast zombies that the appeal of a “classic” zombie flick might be lost to them. What say you?

Production is planned for later this year with a 2014 release being targeted.

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