TV Recap: THE WALKING DEAD “Internment”

The episode opens with Rick returning to prison after his supply run with Carol. Maggie, who’s along the fences killing walkers, meets Rick at the gate. Maggie inquires about Carol while Rick asks about Carl. After assuring him that Carl is safe Rick tells Maggie about Carol and his decision to exile her from the group. He asks Maggie if she’d have done the same and she answers yes after some initial hesitation, but also adds that she doesn’t think she’d be able to carry S4E5 - Lizzie and Walkerthrough with the decision. Rick credits her as stronger than she believes to be and to always follow her instincts. He visits the administrative building and gives Carl a bag of food, and Carl briefly mentions his disliking of guarding the block. The sick continue to grow worse by the hour, with a few having already died in the night. Sasha and Glenn assist Hershel in inserting a breathing tube into one of the patients, the two looking closer to death with every action. Glenn and Hershel discover one of the infected dead in their cell and gurney him into another room to stab his corpse, not wanting to do it in front of the others. Glenn performs the kill as Hershel is unable to do so. Hershel also stops by Dr. S’s cell who’s also looking exceedingly poor in his condition. He advises Hershel to begin closing the cell doors as he knows that a few have already died. He also tells Hershel to stop treating him as its already too late for him and to best focus on those who still have a chance.

Later Maggie comes to visit Glenn through the visitation window but is met by Hershel instead. Hershel reassures her that Glenn was just resting and not to worry. Maggie wants to come inside to help but Hershel informs her to stay out. As he leaves the visitation room Glenn is seen listening behind a wall, in which he thanks Hershel for lying to Maggie as he knew she wouldn’t stay out if she saw how bad his condition was. As Hershel begins closing everyone’s doors one of the infected stumble out, beginning to suffocate in their own blood. Sasha assist Hershel as they put the man on the gurney, the other patients being witness. Sasha is servery weak and care barely move, prompting Hershel to tell her to get back into her cell. Sasha collapses before she can make it to her bed and Hershel wheels the man into the visitation room. Again unable to kill the man he covers his face before he does so, and Rick watches from the window. Rick then tells Hershel about what he did to Carol.

Hershel returns to the cell block and sees a collapsed Sasha, unaware of a walker who’s wandered out of her cell. Sasha passed out due to dehydration is revived by Hershel, in which she tells him thank you for being stupid and saving her life. Hershel returns to closing doors as Glenn is in the upper part of the cell block pumping air into the man they assisted earlier in the episode. The man dies and as Glenn calls for help he starts to choke on his own blood. Lizzie discovers a passed out Glenn and the man who’s now reanimated as a walker. Lizzie calls for help as the walker starts to pursue after Glenn and her. Hershel is attacked by the female walker who left her cell. One of the less sick female patients and a father who’s been with his son in quarantine go to help Hershel, the female pulling the walker off of him and saving his life. The father is attacked from behind by his reanimated son and in the process accidentally kills the woman who just saved Hershel with his gun. Outside in the yard as Maggie and Rick work on fortifying the fence they hear the distant sound of the gunshot. Maggie looks to Rick, wanting to go but hesitant as she knows Rick can’t fix the fence on his own. Rick instructs her to go inside the prison and that he’ll figure this out by himself.

S4E5 - HershelLizzie continues to lead the walker towards her and away from Glenn. Lizzie trips and the walker pins hers. Hershel runs to save her, managing to throw the walker off her and over the ledge into a net. He puts Lizzie in a empty cell block and shuts the door, where he then goes to get Dr. S. shotgun. Dr. S., by his prediction, has already turned and Hershel must kill him to get the shotgun. He then proceeds to kill three other walkers before going to help a dying Glenn. Realizing he needs the air tube, which is still lodged inside the throat of the walker that was attacking Lizzie, he goes to retrieve it. Climbing over the metal bar Hershel fights the still very much active walker as he struggles to remove the tube. Maggie then comes to the rescue after smashing the visitation window, she kills the remaining walkers and helps Hershel back over the ledge. The two head to Glenn who has fully stopped breathing and insert the tube into his throat where he comes to. A relived Hershel mentions to Maggie how he didn’t want her in here, in which she replies that it is her place.

Rick struggles outside by himself and ultimately the fence is torn down by the mass of walkers hounding it. Knowing he’s over his head Rick runs to the administrative block and gets Carl. Rick instructs Carl on what to do as they grab assault riffles, even opting to run when they become overwhelmed. They await the second portion of the fence to break and as it does the walkers all swarm inside and Carl and Rick begin executing them. The unstoppable father son team manage to kill well over thirty walkers and as they finish Daryl’s group returns from the veterinary college. Tyreese and Stookey head to Cell Block A where Tyreese holds his sister in his arms and Stookey administers drugs to Glenn. Maggie tells her father to rest now that Daryl and the others are back, in which Hershel returns to his cell and cries. The morning comes and Rick returns to his normal farming routine with Carl. Hershel, Michonne, and Daryl help move the dead walkers onto the bed of the truck. Daryl asks Hershel where Carol is in which Hershel tells him to talk to Rick. The episode ends with The Governor looking out at the prison.

After Thought: The conclusion of the fatal flu is well finished with Hershel being the unsung hero and with the scare of potentially losing Glenn. Rick and Carl slowly but surely are returning to their status’s as walker killers, and I believe Rick’s return as the leader is also well in sight. And of course the Governor returns (the clip for next week shows him standing behind a burning building look all evil and bad-ass).

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