MONSTERFEST 2013, OZ HORROR on the rise.

MONSTERFEST 2013 is on, two weeks of horror movies that will satisfy any genre fan whether you love independent or classic horror, there is something that’ll satiate your blood lust. Brought to you by the premier Australian distributors MONSTER FILMS the festival looks to become a mainstay in the Melbourne horror scene.

With a long list of highlights, Linda Blair opening the 40th anniversary cut of The Exorcist, Tom Savini Opening a showing of From Dusk Till Dawn ( alas only by skype due to work conflict, but still, it is Sex Machine ) along with a back to back lock in viewing of all the Nightmare On Elm Streets the festival has rocketed off to a great start.

* The heart of the festival though is the OZ HORROR. Eight movies from new and established directors. First off is Sam Barret’s new work, Sororal, a tense piece of work that draws a line between creativity and destruction, focusing on a young woman’s psychic ability and the nightmare it brings when her visions connect with horrendous crimes happening in the real world.

* Then there’s Murderdome, a Grindhouse spectacular that pits Rollerderby against a soul hungry demon. three years in the making with an end result that will definitely leave a mark on OZ EXPLOITATION as we know it.


* In 2007 Andrew Traucki headed into the northern Queensland swamps to get amongst the crocodiles to film Blackwater, now he’s back with another Monster flick, The Jungle. Like Blackwater we see a group of unfortunates travel into the unforgiving landscape only to be confronted by the creature that hunts them, picking them off one by one.

* Then there’s the Richard Wolstencroft doco The last days of Joe Blow on Independent Filmmaker and actor Michael Tierney’s descent into the porn industry, giving a warts and all expose on the down side of being paid to have sex for a living.

* Sporting some wicked poster art, Duncan Cunninghams Foresight Killer Instinct is a roller coaster splatter revenge flick. Never getting to far away from it’s independent roots it delivers a cartoon like hell ride that never takes it’s self to seriously, giving it an undeniably Australian flavor.

* Speaking of Flavors, Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla, like Foresight, CSV is a cartoon like nightmare dealing with the pitfalls of being an ice cream salesman in the big city. Glen Maynard delivers a powerhouse role in the lead, a long way from his roles in Neighbors, we’ll be seeing more of Glen.


* The last two are both found footage style movies, Dale Trotts Beckoning the Butcher and Glenn Triggs Apocalyptic, Both delivering the creepiness, both filmed with a serious/reality bent. Beckoning the Butcher deals with a group of young debunkers who travel about debunking myths for their youtube channel, only to find not all myths are fake, some wait in the dark and swallow you whole.

While Glenn Triggs Movie deals with a news crew investigating an isolated cult that has turned septic, heaping insanity upon insanity as the journalists watch, deciding whether to intervene or not. A fine work of creepiness made with little money but delivering a quality piece of cinema.

These two movies were the highlight for me, for no other reason than I like my horror isolated, dark and creepy. But all in all it was a strong showing for Aussie Horror, giving me the feeling that next year will be even better.


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