Drive-In Review’s Returning to

Everybody Loves The Drive-In

It’s baaaack! That’s right fiends, our Drive-In Reviews will be flooding your minds with garbage and horror goodness we know you love. Not sure what a Drive-In Review consists of?Keep reading to see what ya get!

Well it’s simple.We take a film (mostly on Blu-ray) and dissect it down to give you a mass total of carnage. Boobs, bodies, and blood are all counted and the tallied at the end of the review to give you a nice little summation of what to expect when you watch the film. Don’t worry, spoilers are not our forte so you will still need to watch the film to see WHO and WHY certain people die or get the ax…so to speak. We title this review column as Driv-In because that was where all the best horror films were screened back in the day and damn it, we miss it! Also, we’re super fans of Joe Bob Briggs(Horror Host) and he invented this formula so it’s a homage to our hero.(Yes he is aware of us doing this and gave his thumbs up).We are all Drive-In mutants people, we’re just trying to make it known to the world.

Here’s one ya can check out for reference.Drive-In Review: Re-Animator (Blu-ray)

We hope you enjoy these reviews as much as we will enjoy bringing them to you. Remember, these reviews CAN be a bit harsh and to the point. If something sucks in a film…it’ll show in our review. We don’t pull punches here at TD.

Thanks and we hope you enjoy the return of Drive-In Reviews. drive-in 2



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