Warner Bros. Stephen King Adaptation of THE STAND Loses Its Director

Does The Stand Have a Leg To Stand On?

Recently there has been a buzz about bringing classic King tales to the big screen again with revamps and redos. One such tale is The Stand and things aren’t looking to good over at Warner Bros with the news that Scott Cooper has now left the director’s chair. Read on for the good’s.

standThe Wrap reports that he and the studio met with creative differences over how to properly adapt the material.

Cooper, the Crazy Heart helmer whose latest, Out of the Furnace, hits theaters December 6, boarded the project to both direct and rewrite following the departure of the formerly attached Ben Affleck.

Previously adapted as a television miniseries in 1994, “The Stand” tells the story of a full-scale apocalypse, driven by the accidental release of a biological weapon and the ensuing struggle of good versus evil carried out by the world’s final survivors.

A replacement for Cooper has not yet been announced, but check back for details as they become available.

Can The Stand be made into a feature film any time soon? All chances point to…don’t hold your breath.

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