Video Games: XBox One Arrives At Midnight + Free Game

2ff9ce93-763e-4aa6-a7dc-af8bba755550Only a few hours now… Minute by minute you wait for the midnight launch party… Are you fiends ready? Of course you are. You’ve been ready since E3, or maybe even before that, drooling with anticipation at the big reveal event back in May at Redmond. You’ve didn’t buy into the smear campaigns or naysayers. You fought back against the fan-boys. You simply couldn’t be lied to. Well your time has come. And I have details here about the free game with launch, KILLER INSTINCT


The absolutely free game is available at launch, with all the game modes included. There is however, a few purchasing packages you can make to snag additional content and get the full experience. Here are the details and how it breaks down…



Dig it? Now for all you lazy players, just click the link below after midnight and have it waiting for you in your queue, when you get back to the dungeon slash game room…




Also… How many of you boys and ghouls picking up DEAD RISING 3 tonight as well?



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Christopher Gibson

Chris can be found only at night, playing vast hours of XBox 360, reading uniquely disturbing novels, and scouring Netflix for late sixties horror flicks. He has 69,000 Gamerscore and counting. Supposedly at the age of three, he beat Super Mario Bros. on NES, though possesses no recollection of this. Writing novels since the age of fourteen, he hopes to one day publish them. On Friday nights, he is seen at the local indie film theater, then the pubs next door shortly after, for thorough critique among friends. Follow him on Twitter @Literaryman420



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