TV Recap: THE WALKING DEAD “Indifference”

As Rick loads the car for a supply run Carol talks to Lizzie through the glass of the quarantined cell block. She advises Lizzie to be strong inside quarantine and to not be afraid to kill as it may come to that. Lizzie tells Carol that she knows that people in Cell Block A are going to die soon but they’ll come back as something else which doesn’t bother her. Carol again warns Lizzie that thinking like that is dangerous but Lizzie informs Carol that she’s just saying how she S4E4 - Rick and Carolfeels and isn’t wrong for thinking so. Before Carol leaves to go on her run with Rick Lizzie accidentally calls her mom instead of m’am. Carol coldly lets Lizzie know not to call her mom, despite it being an accident. Rick continues packing for the run and as he moves throughout the prison he sees flashes of Carol killing David and Karen and dragging their bodies on top of the roof.

Making a special run to a residential neighborhood for anything useful in treating the sick Carol questions Rick, asking why he brought her on the run instead of Maggie. Knowing he doesn’t trust her to leave her alone at the prison she inquires him for his feelings on what she did to Karen and David, defending her actions as she was trying to stop the illness from spreading. Rick remains quiet on the subject. As they approach the neighborhood they see an abandon car outside of a house and inspect it. They conclude that it has recently been used and those who used it couldn’t have been there more than a day ago. As they go inside the house they are approached by a single walker that was wandering on the upper floor. As Carol kills the walker two people emerge from a nearby room where they’ve locked themselves in.

Traveling solely on foot now Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, and Stookey are still making way towards the veterinary college. They come across an auto-body shop in search of a working car. Overtaken by brush the group begins cutting away the front door, Tyreese notably exhibiting more force and misdirection from his anger. They warn Tyreese to calm down as they don’t know what’s on the other side but Tyreese furiously continues to slash away the brush before walkers break free and attack the group. The group handles the tangled walkers easily enough with the exception of Tyreese who lets a walker take him to the ground before Daryl and Stookey kill it. Later Michonne confronts Tyreese and warns him that his anger blinds him and that he needs to move on. Tyreese counters back that Michonne constantly leaving in search of the Governor is in fact stupid as he can’t be found and that she lets her anger decide her actions. Michonne corrects Tyreese saying she isn’t angry anymore but if the Governor was here right now she’d cut him in two because that’s what he deserves. As Stookey and Daryl fix a car outside the shop Stookey tells Daryl how the incident where the walkers fell from the roof was his fault from his past alcoholism. Daryl tells him not to blame himself as no one could have known what was going to happen.

Back in the neighborhood the two survivors, Ana and Sam, explain how they ended up locked inside the house. Having recently been separated from their group they’ve been on their own and came into the neighborhood only two days ago. Due to Ana’s limp from a bad foot that didn’t properly heal the two constantly move rather than stay in single spot. Sam is also sporting a dislocated shoulder, in which Carol helps put back into place and dress his wounds. Ana and Sam ask about Rick and Carol’s living quarters and their loses. When they ask Carol if she’s lost any children she replies with a relieved no, leaving Rick to cast a suspicious glance at her lie. The two then ask if they can come back to the prison with them. Rick warns them of the infection and then proceeds to ask his three questions. Rick and Carol still need to scavenge houses for medical supplies but Rick wants Ana and Sam to stay put and wait till they return, while Carol offers them to help. Ana and Sam eager to prove their way into the group happily insist but Rick seems wary, knowing that Sam and Ana are not in any shape to kill walkers or thoroughly look for supplies. Rick gives them each a handgun and his watch and tells them to return back to the house in two hours.

S4E4 - AnaAs he and Carol continue their search for first aid kits or anything of the likes Rick finally mentions Karen and David.¬†Testing her feelings on the matter Rick questions her actions in which Carol contemptuously defends herself, saying her intent was to stop the infection from spreading further as they were the only two sick at the time, and they were as good as dead anyways. Rick then questions her about her about lie of Sophia. Carol gives a cold and uncaring answer about Sophia being dead and how she doesn’t think of it anymore. She brings up Rick as a leader to convince him to see her side. She tells him an honest truth that ‘he can be a farmer, he can’t just be a farmer’ in consideration of protecting people. Rick argues he’s never killed any of his own people and then Carol mentions Shane, in which Rick argues self defense. Carol’s final solace to Rick is he doesn’t have to like what she did, as she doesn’t, but he doesn’t have to say anything about it either. The two continue their discussion outside where they come across Ana’s limping foot, severed from her body. A few feet ahead they see the rest of her being eaten by walkers. Carol seems unconcerned. Back at the house Rick waits for Sam to return before Carol announces that its time for them to go. She says that it is possible that Sam is still alive but irrelevant as its been past two hours and he hasn’t returned, she seemingly more disconnected from humanity than before.

The supply group finally arrives at the college. As they go about collecting supplies Michonne notices Stookey acting suspiciously near one of the medical cabinets. They quickly collect four bag fulls of medical supplies and find all the equipment needed on Doctor S. list. In the process they awake a few walkers and pursue outside to the ledge of the building. A group of walkers linger below and claw up at the escaping group. Stookey displaying a Murphy’s Law effect falls and his bag hangs in the midst of the walkers. Almost losing his life to save the bag the group continuously yells at Stookey to let it go while trying to help him up. Stookey manages to pull himself and the bag away from the walkers but reveals in the process that his bag contained no medical supplies, just a bottle of whisky. Stookey defends his decision but making reference to a conversation he had with Daryl earlier about saving it for when he was the last man left, which occurred within the last two groups he joined. Daryl enraged by Stookey’s actions goes to throw the bottle when Stookey places his hand on his gun, almost drawing it on Daryl. This brings Daryl to a new level of rage in which he approaches Stookey, disarms him, and nearly throws him to the walkers. Daryl warns him that if he dares open it before any of the sick get their medicines he will beat him. He also offers that he should have kept driving that day he found Stookey by the side of the road, alone.

After finishing packing the car Rick locks Carol out of the vehicle. Carol understanding his intent listens as he explains how he feels about Karen and David. Rick says that they had a chance to live and Carol couldn’t have known if they were going to to die. He then tells her honestly that if she returned to the prison Tyreese would kill her. Carol starts to argue for herself and says she can handle Tyreese. Rick then tells her that the rest of the prison wouldn’t allow her back, and even if Daryl and the others never returned Rick wouldn’t allow her to be around his kids knowing what she did. With this Carol finally breaks down and cries about her actions. She wants to take Lizzie and Mika with her since their father turned them over to her care but Rick says he wouldn’t allow them to go with her, and that she shouldn’t ask that because she knows they are safer at the prison. Rick does offer to her that he knows she will live because she is strong, that she’ll find another group and she’ll get a new start. Rick gives her the vehicle that Sam and Ana left, loaded with supplies so she may survive on her own. Before she leaves Carol gives Rick her late husbands watch, saying that she should have given it away sooner. Carol gets in the van and drives off. The episode ends with Rick, Daryl and the others driving back to the prison.

After thought: The episode remains entirely away from the prison, but for good accounts as the grim fate of the infected is dealt with on a more productive manner with Daryl’s group finally finding success. The episode lets us take focus to an old school original member of the group and her recent fall from grace. In my opinion this isn’t the last we’ll see of Carol but with this new darkness she exhibits how she’ll return will be the interesting part.

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