New Halloween Fan Film Makes Us Remember HIM

Usually we don’t showcase Youtube films but this short is damn well made in our opinion. It takes a lot of guts to tackle Michael Myers and his exploits in Haddonfield. Kids today know him but one really made us take notice. Take 19-year-old aspiring filmmakers Anne-Sophie Picard and Félix Corré’s film Halloween: The Night She Doubted for example…

myersNow when we say that we enjoy this short we mean it. It is always amazing to us to see people forgoing Hollywood, getting a camera, and just making films.
This is the way we break Hollywood down and do things ourselves people. You’re tired of cookie cutter horror? Then do something about it! These folks did, will you?
The short is pretty well filmed and we enjoy the cast. What say you? Sound off below fiends.

October 31st, Halloween. Mary, a Haddonfield Police Department student, receives a visit from her friend Nick. Over a discussion the topic deviates, and Mary admits to her friend that she’s working on the Michael Myers case… the famous serial killer.

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