Spin-Off Film Being Planned For Annabelle Of THE CONJURING

Spin-Off Film Being Planned For Annabelle Of THE CONJURING

Dolls getting movies? Is this the 80’s all over again? No fiends, it’s just a new film dealing with one specific doll. You know her, you’re scared of her, it’s Annabelle. Read on for the details.conjuring-interviewsWe already know a sequel to James Wan’s The Conjuring is happening.(Did ya see the box office returns?) Chad and Carey Hayes will be writing the film for Waner Bros. and New Line. Yet, there is even more news than just that!

The studio is apparently at work on a spin-off film.

According to SchmoesKnow, the spin-off feature will be based on a tale surrounding the Annabelle doll that kicked off The Conjuring.

John Leonnetti – who shot James Wan’s film – is going to direct sometime in spring 2014.

So, it’s a prequel tale for Annabelle, in some respect, since we saw the tail-end of her mischief at the beginning of The Conjuring before she was housed in Ed and Lorraine Warren’s museum.

Will the film be straight to DVD/Blu-Ray or will it be big screen worthy? Only time will tell.

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