TV Recap: THE WALKING DEAD “Isolation”

In the third episode of the fourth season of THE WALKING DEAD an emotional Tyreese explains to Daryl, Rick, and Carol how he came across David and S4E3 - InfectedKaren’s burnt remains. Highly upset he looks to Rick to find the person responsible for taking their lives. As Rick tries to calm him down Tyreese becomes more frustrated and attacks Rick. Rick retreats in a Jax Teller fashioned beat down before Daryl tears him off, with struggle, and Rick, mystified by his sudden rage, stares absently at his bleeding hand.

Hershel tends to Rick’s hand while briefing him on the situation with those who are sick; it now having infected all those who were in the cell block the day of the attack. Hershel tries to consul a guilty Rick, reminding him that he at one point or another fell too and got back up, more or less.The council meets the next morning to further discuss the sick. They agree that quarantine is best with a special separation of the younger and older members of the group as they are most vulnerable. As the nearest pharmacies have long been scavenged through for the medical supplies they desperately need Hershel suggests that they make a trip to a veterinary college that is nearby as others may have over looked it. As the meeting comes to a close Glenn begins to cough and show other symptoms of the flu.

In Cell Block A Carol helps the infected into quarantine which now includes Tyreese’s sister Sasha and Doctor Subramanian. As the last of the sick filter in Lizzie comes in to view with a cough. Carol hugs and comforts her before sending her into quarantine with the others. Carol cries after she locks Lizzie and the sick in. Outside her and Rick are pumping water, she mentions to him how they’ve become low and that will need to go out and clean the cistern the next day. She also suggests that he talk to Tyreese after the incident the previous day. Rick reluctantly approaches Tyreese who’s been finishing up the graves. The two apologize for their behavior and Rick proceeds to ask if Karen had any enemies. Tyreese becomes upset with the suggestion and angrily tells Rick no before storming off, making a mention of how Rick is more concerned with prison matters (i.e. water pump) than with finding out who murdered Karen and David.

Inside the office block, where the most vulnerable are being kept Rick asks Carl, who’s pissed that he has to be separated from the main group, to watch over the block. Carl gives Rick a slight hassle before agreeing. Daryl and Michonne begin preparing for the trip to the veterinary college. Michonne mentions how it’ll be like old times with just the two of them going on a run, while Daryl brings up Michonne’s ‘running’ away from the camp while she was out in search of the Govenor. Wanting another volunteer Daryl goes to Cell Block A where Tyreese has been guarding, on his own accord, the infected. He attempts to convince Tyreese who’s uninterested at first. Opting that he’d be more useful out on a run than standing guard, Tyreese eventually comes to agree with Daryl and says goodbye to Sasha who’s losing hope of getting better. Daryl also asks Bob Stookey to join the run as he’s the only one who’ll be able to identify the medical supplies they need. Stookey dubiously joins, likely thinking about his last incident.

Hershel, who’s residing in the office block due to his age, begins to head out on his own when Carl stops him. Hershel tells Carl that he intends to go into the woods to gather herbs for a home remedy tea he knows that can help the infected, indifferent to Carl’s opinion on the matter as he’s the oldest member of the group and will do as he pleases. Knowing he cant convince him, Carl inserts that he has no choice but to go with him. In the woods Hershel talks to Carl about how he’s displayed a level of maturity by stepping away from guns like his father. Carl seems unaffected by the comment. Just as Hershel mentions how peaceful it is they hear a rustle in the woods and precede to investigate. They come across two walkers, one with half a torso and the other with its foot lodged in a bear trap. Carl raises his gun to shot them but Hershel stops them and tells him its unneeded as they aren’t going to do any harm to anyone. Carl lowers his gun, after hesitation, and the two leave with a mention of ‘how peaceful it was’.

Before leaving with the group Tyreese approaches Carol and asks if she can check in on Sasha for him. He offers to her that he recognizes that she’s a good person who cares about the group and would feel better knowing that she’s watching out for anything strange. Carol thanks Tyreese and after he leaves she has a breakdown, knocking over a water barrel while angrily crying. Hershel approaches Cell Block A and is stopped by Maggie who doesn’t want him to go inside. She is joined by Rick and both try to convince Hershel to go back to the office block. Hershel fed up with the babying tells them that they risk their lives everyday and the only thing that matters is deciding what its worth risking for. Letting him go in Hershel covers his face with a bandanna and heads inside the block. He treats Dr. S with his herbal tea and asses to Glenn that he needs to believe that he’ll get better. Maggie and Beth talk through the door of the office block, as Maggie is still technically at risk of infection. Both are sad by their fathers decision to risk his life but Beth references his dedication and how he inserts that everyone has a job to do.

S4E3 - GroupRick returns to the roof to investigate Karen and David’s murders. He studies the trail of blood and notices a hand print on the door frame. Placing his hand over the mark its apparent that it is significantly smaller than his own. Now driving towards the college Daryl talks to Michonne about his comments earlier about her leaving. He reassures her that he would have been out there with her looking if the trail hadn’t become cold. The car radio begins to pick up a signal and the group vaguely hears the words ‘sanctuary’ and ‘survive’. Distracted from the road he drives into a swarm of walkers that are blocking the veterinary college. Trying to reverse out the car gets stuck and the group must abandon it. A bitter Tyreese waits inside the car as the other three begin fighting off walkers. About to abandon him entirely Stookey eventually calls Tyreese to attention and Tyreese gets out of the car and delivers a rage of walker skull bashing. Appearing swarmed and about to be over taken Daryl, Michonne, and Stookey leave Tyreese behind anyways. Miraculously he finds his way out and rejoins with the group as they make their way on foot through the woods, running from walkers.

Carol is outside the fences trying to clear the pump despite telling Rick that they’d do it tomorrow. Undisturbed by walkers that loom nearby at the fence, distracted by some type of object that the group has set up, she goes about clearing the pump unaware that walkers are approaching behind her. Rick happening to be outside sees the walkers and yells for Carol to run as he too pursues towards her. She finishes clearing the pump before barely making it inside the fence with Rick’s assistance. Rick scolds her for being careless but then offers how far she is willing to go to protect the group. He asks her if she was the one who murdered Karen and David. Carol pauses for a moment before simply saying yes and walking away.

After thought: The new character arch within Carol will hopefully prove interesting (and not fatal), while the continuing presence of Bob Stookey’s character is undoubtedly to entice. The illness is a time considerate matter and I predict the aftermath of it will likely offer much worse to the characters than their current troubled but still rather tame problems that have arise this season.

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