TV Recap: THE WALKING DEAD “30 Days Without An Accident”

Season Four of the THE WALKING DEAD portraits a glimpse of our survivors in what could be a salvation of life in the prison. With thirtyS4E1 - Carol and Daryl days incident free, a healthier number of people, and Daryl as the new acting leader they’ve managed to start rebuilding towards a life. Still not problem free the continued threat of the Governor still looms in the wake of recent events and more and more walkers are being drawn towards the fences. After his renounced leadership Rick utilizes himself by tending to the camp’s crops and livestock with intent that they’ll eventually no longer need to make food runs. Wanting to set a better example for Carl he has stopped using his gun to limit the exposure of violence on his son and the other young members of the camp.

Michonne returns from her search for the Governor with little luck but intends to keep looking. She joins Daryl and other members of the group who set out to make a run at a nearby army base. With them they take Beth’s new love interest Zach and army medic Bob Stookey. Unbeknownst to a herd of walkers wandering on the roof of the building they go inside in search of supplies. Stookey who’s wandered into the Beer and Wine section accidentally causes a shelf to crash on top of him, trapping his foot. The sudden noise stirs the walkers upstairs as Daryl, Tyresse, Glenn, and Zach try to lift the shelf off Stookey. The roof, damaged by a crashed helicopter and severely decayed, begins to cave in. It then precedes to literally rain walkers on the group below. With struggle Stookey escapes and Zach is sacrificed in the act when he is eaten by a walker.

Hershel visits Rick while out in the field to plead with him to start carrying his gun on him again, at least while he’s outside the prison. Agreeing Rick goes out to check the trap lines and discovers a woman who is out looking for food for her and her husband. Begging Rick to let them join his camp he follows her to meet the husband and see if they are stable enough to live in the prison. Warning her early on that if she attempted anything he’d kill her, she leads him back under false pretenses when he discovers that all that remains of her husband is the hungry head of a walker. The woman kills herself in front of Rick and asks him to let her turn so she can be with her husband.

S4E1 - WalkerReturning to camp Daryl lets Beth know that Zach didn’t make it, sad but ultimately unphased Beth tells Daryl she no longer cries for those who died but just appreciates that she got the chance to know them. Carol is reading to the younger members of the group in the library when Carl quietly sneaks in the back. After finishing her story she pulls out a set of knives and begins instructing the children on how to use them, one of the kids then asks to be excused feeling nauseated. Carl approaches Carol and she asks him not to tell Rick about the knives, he runs off with clear intent to do just that. Meanwhile Glenn and Maggie discuss briefly about her pregnancy scare and Rick reflects off Hershel about what he saw in the woods. The episodes ends with the Patrick, the kid who excused himself from the reading group earlier, heading into the showers where he dies from his illness and returns as a walker.

After Thoughts: The season four premier is quieter by nature but offers a lot of potential with a new threat, new characters, and an always bloody array of walkers.

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