Game Review – The Wolf Among Us Episode One: Faith

The Wolf Among Us Game Review   The Wolf Among Us Episode One: Faith

I’m not a fan of the Fables DC comic book series by Bill Willingham but I’m sure like many other people I’ll be delving into the world he’s created.  The Wolf Among Us is the new adventure game by Telltale Games and like The Walking Dead is being released in episodes, with episode one thrusting us straight into a murder mystery filled with fairy tale characters.

In The Wolf Among Us Episode One: Faith we meet the character that we’ll be playing, Bigby the Big Bad Wolf.  His first encounter with the Huntsman sets the tone for the game that is based in an area of New York filled with fairy tale creatures who use a glamour spell to hide their true identities.  With Toad from Wind in the Willows, Little Red Riding Hood, Beauty and the Beast some of the first characters we meet this sets a tone for a game which looks to be pitting us against Ichabod Crane as our boss and a killer with a taste for Fables.

The Wolf Among Us Episode One: Faith eases us into the game by letting us know that the controls are similar to The Walking Dead, but in a new easier to use form that feels somewhat more immersive in detail.  The items around the scenes we are placed are somewhat telegraphed and it does feel that we are led to fulfill each story element, but there are plenty of options created by the choices we make.  Added to this are the quick time events that if you are not quick enough also lead you to some nasty injuries, but in the first episode at least these are not used that often and for the most part do allow for some error.  For the most part though you’ll get lost in the magic of the fairy tale world.

the wolf among us 05 Game Review   The Wolf Among Us Episode One: Faith

When it comes to the game engine itself there are a few issues and glitches that you will notice.  In some sections there are a few stutters in the frame rate which appear to be where the next scenes are loading, and nearer the end in one of the main fights between Bigby and another creature I found that I had to reload the game.  Luckily enough though I found the checkpoints worked well enough to pull me back to where I’d left off and let me make my way out of that scene, so the story could continue.

For the most part The Wolf Among Us Episode One: Faith creates the perfect start to a story that will no doubt grip people.  There is a feel that your actions do dictate just where the story goes and there are pivotal moments where you do feel you make a difference, though there are obvious places where events must happen.  As the episodes are released I’m sure we’ll see the consequences of the actions Bigby has taken and how this will affect the final ending, but this is of course something that made The Walking Dead so interesting and will no doubt make The Wolf Among Us so interesting too.

With the bugs that can be invasive on your enjoyment of the game there is a risk that this may put some fans off, but others know this is just part of gaming and these problems will be fixed.  For the most part the importance of Telltale Games and what they create is the strength in story and the way it is told, using Fables as a source for this is creating a very strong basis for a game that could rival The Walking Dead itself.  To do this though they have to do something special, and time will tell on that one.

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