Truly Disturbing Headline: News Anchor Eats Cat VOMIT Live On National TV

The weatherman at Hartford CBS affiliate WFSB discovered to his horror what happens when you ignore the three-second rule when he shoveled his own cat’s vomit into his mouth – live on air on Wednesday morning.

cat vomitScot Haney was running through the morning show with his colleagues as the camera’s rolled when he noticed what he thought was food lying on the floor and made the ill-advised decision to eat it.

Initially believing the droplets to be cereal he had dragged into work with him, Haney recoiled as he chewed, first commenting his snack tasted ‘like shoes’, as his disgusted colleagues told him, ‘it smells like feet’.

As he realized that what he had put in his mouth may not have been cereal, Haney contorted his face and said, ‘Oh. I don’t think those are Grape Nuts. I think that might be dog doody.’

‘I ate cat vomit, right here on television. It’s disgusting,’ Haney told viewers. ‘I’m going to throw up!’

Maintaining his humor throughout, Haney’s official explanation to viewers still left his colleagues bemused as to why he ate it in the first place.

Standing with his shoe off, displaying to viewers what clearly looked like a mess on his sole, Haney told his viewers he understood his mistake.

cat vomit 2

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