Event Report: AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM Sleepover/ Tour Of Linda Vista Hospital

Our good friend Christopher Jimenez aka Sinful Celluloid had the awesome chance to go and bare witness to an American Horror Story: Asylum event that well, would drive the regular person insane. Good thing he’s a member of the TD crew. Check out his experience below and here’s to season three of AHS.

American Horror Story: Asylum hits stores today. You may be wondering how I celebrated. FOX isn’t opposed to getting crazy when it comes to American Horror Story and this year was no exception. What better way to get in the “spirit” of things than to put people in that setting. How? a sleepover. Where? Try the third most haunted place in America. Linda Vista Hospital in Los Angeles. What the hell happened? Read on for all things that went bump in the night…
The evening started off simple enough. I pulled in and sat around for a bit as I was early. Once I saw that colleagues had arrived, I made my way to the front. The hospital invited us in immediately and directed us to the spread and open bar. It took a couple of drinks before I settled in and really looked at the haunting décor. Candles, saints, and crucifixes were abundant. We sat and enjoyed each other’s company in anticipation for the evening’s events.
american horror story asylum nunThe night really started when they ushered us into a small chapel. They showed some BTS footage from American Horror Story Asylum before inviting out a couple of guests, namely Naomi Grossman and Barbara Tarbuck. They discussed a little about shooting the season which was fun and interesting. After taking some questions though, we were treated to a special surprise…AHS: Coven! Yes, they premiered the new season with us and it was awesome.
There is definitely something special going on here. It’s told between modern times and the past in New Orleans. I’m not going to give anything away of course but it has an incredible set up, visuals, and drama. If you thought the story was weird before, well think again! The series has always been decadent but this is something worse! All decency has been thrown out the window here and it’s for the better. I can’t say much without spoiling it so I will simply say SEE IT Tomorrow!
Following the screening, names were called out of guests who had been admitted to the Asylum and will not be allowed to leave. One guy tried to escape, but was caught and put into a strait jacket. Yikes! It was all fun and games until they called my name.
I was escorted to the front and after a lengthy meeting with a very terrifying Nun, teamed with people I know. We were given a chance to reclaim our freedom. We had to solve a series of clues to escape and that’s when things got tricky. The place truly is haunted and in a big way. We went all over the top floor which, though filled with people, was still creepy. Even worse though, was the basement which was filled with dread including the records room. This was hands down the most unsettling room in the entire place. There are thousands of files that fill the shelves and cover the floor. These are actual case files that were left here. Unsettling? You bet. The thicker ones were patients that were taken to the insanity ward and given Shock treatment as I understand it.
In any case, the night was a blast! American Horror Story: Asylum was great and the new season is on to a great start. Check it out Wednesday!

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