Is Army of Darkness 2 Really Happening?!

The rumor mills are circulating that the wheels have started on AOD 2. Check out the rumor below.


So since Army of Darkness, the Evil Dead franchise has exploded with a cult following, and in April the reboot/remake/reincarnation of the original Evil Dead launched and proved to be a major success. However, rumors have sparked today as it has an IMDB page for Army of Darkness 2  has been started. The writers are credited as Sam and Ivan Raimi, and with a release year of 2016. Could we see Ash in another installment of AOD? Or are we going to see another reboot/remake/reincarnation of AOD as we did with the likes of Fede Alvarez directing and starring new blood?


We will keep you updated on this FANTASTIC news. Keep your eyes peeled and your chainsaw at hand in case bigger news gets conjured.

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