Writers Have Been Found For PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5

Oh you thought PA4 was the end? HA! You should know by now that Paranormal Activity will live on for years to come. In fact, we have the word on who will be writing the next installment in the franchise. Check out the news below.

blumhouseAs you may have noticed Paranormal Activity is absent from next months theatrical releases. This is the first time a PA film has not been released in October since 2009. Never fear since a premier date for PA5 has already been slated for October 24th, 2014.

The Hollywood Reporter says it has landed a pair of writers.  Newcomers to the series, in fact.

Almanac scribes Jason Pagan and Andrew Stark have been tapped by Blumhouse Productions to pen the sequel.

Almanac is a found footage sci-fi thriller that Michael Bay is producing which hits theaters February 2014.  Naturally, no plot details for Paranormal Activity 5 have been revealed.

Are you tired of this franchise? Does it need to stop? Will you see it in theaters? Only time will tell.

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