Truly Disturbing Headline: School Calls To Ask Why Dead Son Is Skipping Class

This story had me shaking my head in disbelief.  You’ll be doing the same when you read on.

A US father whose son died in a freak accident on a school trip was left stunned when school officials called months later to ask why the teenager had not been attending class.

Jean Fritz Pierre, from Brooklyn, New York, drowned swimming in a lake while visiting a national park with 47 other students from Prospect Heights International School in June, The New York Daily News reports.

Just last week a staff member from the school called the 16-year-old’s father Jonas Pierre to arrange a meeting so they could discuss why his son had been skipping class.

“I think, why are you calling, why are you telling me this,” Mr Pierre told the New York Daily News.

“Don’t you know my son is dead?”

Education Department officials apologized for the mistake.

“We apologise for any pain or suffering this may have caused the family and are checking all data systems to ensure that the family doesn’t receive these calls anymore,” agency spokeswoman Erin Hughes said.

Jean had ventured into a lake where swimming is banned due to deep pits on the lake’s bottom.

He disappeared under the water and police found his body after a 50-minute search.

Police said the cause of death was accidental drowning and an investigation by city officials cleared school staff of any culpability in Jean’s death this week.

But Mr Pierre blames the school for his son’s death and filed a notice of claim for two $5.3 million suits against the city this month.

Source: The New York Daily News, Ninemsn

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