Truly Disturbing Headline: Halloween Prank Turns Deadly

I always find these sorts of stories to be very disturbing as they seem to happen so often around this time of year.  Read on for the details.

A US teen has accidentally killed himself while trying to play a Halloween prank on his sister.

Jason Morlan, 16, from Fern Creek in Kentucky, had been hanging Halloween decorations all day last Sunday when he decided to pretend to hang from a noose decoration he had set up from a tree in his home’s front yard.

But when his younger sister found Jason, he was unconscious and had to be cut down from the tree by his mother.

He was rushed to hospital in a coma but died 12 hours after the accident from organ failure.

A coroner said that Jason’s brain was cut off from oxygen within 20-30 seconds of him placing the noose around his neck.

Homicide detectives investigated the incident and determined it was an accident.

Jason’s mother, Ginger Rodriguez, said the teen was a big fan of Halloween and loved playing pranks.

He also dreamed of joining the US Marines, she said.


Photo of Jason Morlan taken from Facebook

Source: Ninemsn

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