Truly Disturbing Exclusive: First News, Teaser One-Sheet, and Music For Horror/Thriller TV Series NOWHERESVILLE Revealed

We have your first look at a brand new horror/thriller tv series currently in development entitled NOWHERESVILLE, coming from John Darko (Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Killcam: Live), Anthony Cincotta, and John R. Leonetti (DP of Conjuring, Insidious 1&2, Sleepy Hollow TV Series – also director of Mortal Kombat 2, Butterfly Effect 2). Read on for the full synopsis and the exclusive opening credit song by up and coming rock band ON BEING HUMAN, and one-sheet teaser for the show below. Now That’s how we bring you an EXCLUSIVE!


With the success of the Insidious franchise and the anticipation for a big screen adaptation of Zombies Ate My Neighbors, we have no doubt that Nowheresville will be an awesome experience. Insidious is breaking records as we speak all around the world at the box office. Now imagine that terror being brought to you on the small screen. Sounds amazing right? Oh, it is!
Remember, this is all preliminary news and we should have a premier date soon. But we are told it is receiving interest from, and bring shopped to, multiple networks.

“In the rural community of “Nowheresville” two brothers named Steve and Steve fight to protect themselves and their senile uncle from an apocalypse that never happened.

Keeping the farm operational and safe from the “infected populous” isn’t their only problem. Set on an ancient Indian burial ground, their war against super-natrual beings and other mythical creatures that haunt the plantation, proves to be as difficult as learning what a computer is and does.

From hundreds of VHS tapes left behind by their religiously insane father, this is their only database for knowledge, that… and the small amounts of underestimated help they get from their two childhood sweeties in a neighboring estate, and a very unsuspecting film crew on assignment to document their antics.

Amidst the chaotic evil spirits that terrorize these idiots, the boys struggle to defend what’s theirs, while their survival depends on the one thing they have no idea about. The world outside of nowhere.”

The series’ pilot will be directed by John Darko, and John R. Leonetti and is produced by Jeff Kalligheri (producer: The Letter “2014” starring James Franco and Winona Ryder and producer on Zombies Ate My Neighbors) as well as Darko and Leonetti. Also scripted by Darko, and long time friend/ collaborator Anthony Cincotta. 

Here’s that exclusive image, along with the link to the first song off of the original soundtrack.
Nowheresville_Tease copy1

Stay here on TD for updates as they come in on this project. We can’t wait!

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