Red Band Trailer For J.T. Petty’s HELLBENDERS Has Arrived

We have the official red band trailer for J.T. Petty’s horror comedy Hellbenders. Read on for the trailer and a bit about the film.

hellbenders_3_20120731_1885762378Written and directed by J.T. Petty, the film is making its way into theaters and onto VOD October 18th. Clancy Brown, Dan Fogler, Clifton Collins Jr., Andrew Royo and Samantha Buck.

Plot Crunch:

The horror-comedy follows the Order of Hellbound Saints (Brooklyn Parish), a highly secretive and profoundly blasphemous men of God, as they battle demonic forces too terrible to be cast out by traditional Vatican-approved methods.

This film has been getting some mixed reviews from critics and fiends alike so until we get a gander at it, we can’t pass judgement.


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