Another EVERYBODY DIES HORROR FILM FESTIVAL has passed so you fiends out there know what time it is…

This year’s festival brought us many films that were worthy of the TRULY DISTURBING award, but only one was demented enough to take this year’s title. You might ask yourself what does it take to pick a Truly Disturbing film or what is the criteria? When picking a film we look not only at the gore to disturb, but the overall feeling of the film. Our winner was able to affect us on every level and is Truly deserving of this year’s award.

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for… The winner is…

The Breeder The BREEDER (2013)

Written and Directed by PATRICK VELLA


This film follows a mysterious man played wonderfully by GLENN MERCIECA who spends most of his time breeding super worms while listening to classical music. Sounds normal enough right? That is until you find out how he goes about breeding them. I’ll leave that to our fiends out there to find out how it is this happens, but with THE BREEDER being the recipient of the Truly Disturbing award you can only imagine.

This amazing film starts off with a bang and never seems to let loose. Our antagonist, who is well hidden via camera angles, the shadows and an eery mask, is as creepy as they get. The lack of facial recognition only adds to this especially when the aforementioned mask is involved. Once we see the master at work you can guarantee it’ll have you cringing in your seat. He orchestrates pain like a beautiful piece of music and with every scream of his victims rings out a bloody crescendo.

The film is brilliantly shot by cinematographer Sean Hili, with every camera angle gripping onto the tension. Each scene was edited to hype up the suspense and come face to face with some of the most brutal horrific scenes around. There wasn’t one time I felt that the pacing was off or that I was watching a low budget film. Every aspect of the film was treated with the love of the horror genre and rang reminiscent of Alexandre Aja’s HIGH TENSION. Anyone that are fans of some good ole fashioned gore this is your film!

This film showed on Night 3 of the Everybody dies horror film festival and it immediately left a dent. A bloody intestine filled dent. We encourage you to check out the trailer we’re including below to get a taste of things to come, but be sure to check back here on Truly Disturbing and we’ll let you know when screenings are available. For now this film will remain a mystery but I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of our masked composer of pain because this concept would be a perfect feature! We’ll keep you updated on the screenings, but for now you can follow Patrick at his Face book page HERE for updates on THE BREEDER.

Congratulations Patrick and thank you for making a Truly Disturbing film…

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  1. September 24, 2013 at 3:03 PM

    Just a little not to give the news that the breeding will be in production from February 2014 for its Feature Film!

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