Disturbing Headlines: British Town Of Northampton Being Visited By EVIL Clown, No Word On If It Eats Souls…Yet

A small town called Northampton has been getting regular visits from a clown lately. He has been labeled by some outlets as “evil” but the only evil thing he’s done is exist. Read on for this strange news story and make up your own mind.

The Northampton Herald & Post first reported the sightings earlier this month. The clown has allegedly been spotted all over town, and sometimes is seen carrying a clown teddy.

Efforts made to discover the identity of the jester have yielded few results. A recent YouTube video showing a man being interviewed in clown garb made waves, but the clown denied that it was him on his Facebook page.

“Too much hate not enough love,” the clown wrote on Facebook. “No, I don’t have a knife on me!, thats just stupid rumors spread by stupid people. I’m also ‘not’ on Twitter as it confuses the heck out of me.”

evil clown 2evil clown 3Sightings of the clown have prompted the Twitter hashtag #northamptonclown, which is being used to speculate on the reasons for the clown’s appearance, The Independent reported.

Truth be told, this person dressed as a clown did knock on someone’s door and ask to wash their windows but had no cleaning supplies whatsoever. Maybe that was just a prank on the townsfolk of Northampton but residents are being very wary of this strange occurrence. He doesn’t smile, he doesn’t hand out balloons, he rarely talks, so what does he want?

One thing is for sure, the people of Northampton might want to lock up a little tighter at night, since it seems this jester, is not leaving anytime soon.


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