Warner Bros. Finally Releasing THEM! On Blu-Ray

Beware of THEM! I always loved this flick. Come on, giant ants that WE created by using nuclear testing? That’s genius! The truly frightening 1954 classic giant ant flick THEM! is coming home to Blu-ray, and even though details are scarce, we can not be more excited about this news. Read on below.


Gordon Douglas directs and James Whitmore, Edmund Gwenn, and  Joan Weldon star. Look for more details as they come.

That ol’ cinematic devil the A-bomb has spawned a colony of giant murderous ants bent on destroying humanity in this, the seminal big bug movie (an obvious and oft-credited influence for Alien among countless others). The special effects may be dated, but this brilliantly rational-sounding film has held up wonderfully in all other regards, including some starkly effective location work in the high Arizona desert, a genuinely inspired sound design guaranteed to bring on the creepy-crawlies, and an unexpectedly dry sense of humor (mainly personified by Grade-A egghead scientist Edmund Gwenn). This is essential viewing for all those who consider themselves science fiction or horror fans. Heroic hardcase James Arness previously played for the other team as the titular character in The Thing from Another World.


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