Jack Nicholson Reportedly Bows Out Quietly

This morning we got the news that Jack Nicholson made a life-changing decision. Click below for more.

jack_nicholson1[1]Just a few hours ago, HuffPost has reported that Jack Nicholson has quietly (and slowly) retired from acting. So far, it is rumored to be due to memory issues as a result of aging. Jack Nicholson is 76 years old. His last on-screen role was in 2010 in HOW DO YOU KNOW which also starred Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson, and Paul Rudd.


Some extremely notable roles of Nicholson’s include Jack Torrance in THE SHINING (1980), The Joker in BATMAN (1989), and as R.P. McMurphy in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST (1975). His first on-screen role dates all the way back to 1956 in an episode of MATINEE THEATER called ARE YOU LISTENING? Since then, he has taken on 75 roles, 12 Oscar nominations, 3 Oscar wins, 18 Golden Globe nominations, 7 Golden Globe wins, 7 BAFTA nominations, a star on the walk of fame, and a staggering 111 other nominations and awards from both local and international award ceremonies.


There is no doubt that Jack Nicholson has made is scream, laugh, cry, cringe, and even love. His talent was limitless and we thank him for a lifetime of entertainment.


To Jack, if he EVER reads this: Thank you. Stay healthy and stay spooky.

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