Scream Queen Trades Hollywood for Noodling

Scream Queen DeeDee Bigelow trades Hollywood for Hillbillies in new noodling show. Check out the info below.

Machete-Betty-Still-DeeDee-BigelowFROM THE PRESS RELEASE:


Actress DeeDee Bigelow has starred in over thirty film and television projects. Bigelow is one of several rising horror starlettes, whose roles in Jeff C. Smith’s short film “Machette Betty,” and Chris Staviski’s disturbing feature Pain is Beautiful have brought her into recent prominence. But now, Bigelow is ready to get her hands dirty in the Discovery Channel’s adventure show “Hillbilly Handfishin’.”


Bigelow will appear in Season 2 of the show, in the episode “Luck of the Irish.” This episode features three pairs of people, from different walks of life, who take a shot at fishing in the Red River of Oklahoma. Bigelow is no stranger to physical roles, but the catfish in this river bite back!


Now, fans of Bigelow and the show, “Hillbilly Handfishin’” can preview this episode, here. Two early stills have been released for this August 30th, 2013 episode. The first still shows actress DeeDee Bigelow behind the scenes in makeup. This episode will offer a fright and a surprise, thanks to Robert Hall (Almost Human) and Chase Birdsong’s makeup effects. The second still shows Bigelow in the waters of the Red River and she is set to catch her first catfish. And, fans can catch the World Premiere of this episode in just one week’s time.


The official synopsis from the Discovery Channel for the “Luck of the Irish” episode is here:


“TV-PG Skipper and Jackson are in for a surprise when they meet this week’s guests of novice noodlers, which include an Irish couple looking for an all American experience, twoHollywood scream queens ready to face the horror of the Red River, and a pair of Savannahpub owners who know how to serve up the southern charm.

Horror stars DeeDee Bigelow (iCrime) and Jillie Riel (“Maniac Attack”) bid adieu toHollywood and get down and dirty in the rough Oklahoma waters. Simon and Joanne, an Irish couple from Boston, travel down south with the hopes of wrangling the biggest catfish in Cotton County. But before they do a victory jig, Trina and Scott, a pub owner and assistant from Savannah, Georgia, prove it takes southern charm, grace and a little bit of muscle to nab these monster catfish from their underwater lairs.”


*noodling is catfishing with bare hands.


Air Date: 6:00pm (PST), 9:00pm (EST) August 30th, 2013 (Animal Planet).


Cast: Skipper Bivens, Trent Jackson, DeeDee Bigelow, and Chase Birdsong.

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