Lionsgate Wants You To Have A KILLER HOLIDAY This November

Everybody loves a clown, so why don’t you? Maybe the clown in Killer Holiday will change your mind…or not. Lionsgate Home Entertainment will release Killer Holiday November 5th on DVD. The thriller will be available for Digital Download two weeks earlier on October 22. For all the goods on the flick, keep reading below.

killer_holidayPlot Crunch:

When a group of eight friends embark on a road trip that takes them way off the beaten path, they come across an abandoned amusement park, but the fun is soon over when they make an unsettling discovery.

Michael Copon carnival-themed psychological thriller, alongside Rachel Lara and Alex Mandel.

Psychotic killer Melvin “Spider” Holiday stalks eight unsuspecting teenage victims along old Route 66, driving them further and further from civilization. Anxiety starts to build as each stop along the way proves stranger then the last until the group is lured to an abandoned amusement park with a horrifying past. Soon they discover that the park comes complete with broken down carnival rides, the smell of death and a killer ready to give them one ticket to hell.

Anybody wanna visit a carnival now? Yeah we didn’t think so. More on this soon.

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