Along with the various maze announcements for this years Halloween Horror Nights we have two new scare zone areas for you to get ready for. The Purge and Curse of Chucky have just been added to the event and we have the info below. Dig it!

More exciting Halloween Horror Nights news has just been announced that we wanted to share. USH is introducing scare zones based the new movie Curse of Chucky and their summer blockbuster, The Purge which is being called, “The Purge: Survive the Night”. The gates to “Halloween Horror Nights” will swing open at 7:00 p.m. sharp; the same time havoc is reaped upon the citizens in The Purge and all crime is declared legal for 12 hours, including murder, leaving no one safe for the night. As guests enter the theme park, they will become engaged in the film’s most memorable scenes while trying to run for their lives.


The eponymous scare-zone based on Curse of Chucky, the newest installment of the classic Child’s Play franchise, will bring the terrifying pint-size doll to life. While Chucky has made special appearances at past HHN, this is the first time the sinister doll has commanded his own scare-zone to shock and terrify guests for his own amusement.

The scarezones, if you’re not familiar with the yearly attraction, are those foggy open spaces you have to walk through to get to each maze.  Within the fog, actors themed around, in this case, the aforementioned two films will try to spook ya. This is always a fun experience as one walks to other attractions in the park.



The Purge will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray combo pack October 8th. Curse of Chucky will also be available on DVD September 24th.

For ticket information and all the news on Halloween Horror Night you can check out the official site here.

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