TV Recap – TRUE BLOOD “Life Matters”

Well Trubies…only one episode after this.  Boo!  Hope you had your tissues ready when you watched this one!


We begin with Sookie holding the almost drained Warlow and Bill demanding to take him.  She bites her own wrist to feed Warlow.  Sookie tells him it’s too bad because Eric fucked their deal up.  Bill grabs Warlow by the throat and Sookie says that he should go after Eric because he has more of Warlow’s blood in him than Warlow himself.  She uses her fairy light to blast him back to the real world.  Eric is at Vamp Camp and slaughters all the guards that are outside.  On the human front everyone is gathering for Terry’s funeral.  Sookie tells Warlow that she has to go as well but before she leaves he asks her if she is still going to be his and she says that she always keeps her promises.  We shall see.  Sookie reappears as everyone is being seated but no one notices her.  She takes a seat next to Hoyt’s mother.  Alcide asks if he can sit with her and she tells him she is waiting for Jason.  He says he understands and she thanks him for coming.  Welcome back good Alcide!

Eric honey?  You've got red on you...and it looks sexy!

Eric honey? You’ve got red on you…and it looks sexy!

Bill arrives at Vamp Camp and sees the carnage Eric has left behind.  Eric uses a guard’s severed arm to gain access to the facility where he finds Overlark.  Eric greets him and proceeds to rip his dick off and tells him that he will be back in ten minutes to make sure he bled out.  He then frees the male gen pop.  Bill finds the wangless Overlark and he asks Bill to kill him.  Bill asks him if he hurt Jessica and he says yes.  Bill calls him a cockroach and stomps his face in.  There’s some nice gore in this episode!

As each person speaks at Terry’s funeral we are heartbreakingly treated to small vignettes of their encounters with him.  Andy is up first and talks about how he went to he and his cousin’s childhood hangout with different kinds of beer.  He yells into the wilderness that if Terry, newly home from war, doesn’t want to talk he could at least tell him what kind of beer he prefers.  From the bushes Terry replies that he wants Raging Bitch beer and we see him come forward in camouflage.

I'm gonna miss you Terry Bellefleur.

I’m gonna miss you Terry Bellefleur.

Bill sees the freed vamps exacting their revenge on their captors as he walks through Vamp Camp.  Eric frees the women and finds a bloody Jason lying on a bench.  He asks him how well he knows the compound.  He also inquires as to whether he has healed him before and Jason, in a haze, says he doesn’t think so.  Eric tells him that he is in for a treat and that when he dreams of him he should dream of nice things.  I can’t wait to see that next season!  Hellarious!  Next Jason and Eric walk past a pile of bodies and that bitch Sarah Newlin crawls out from under the corpses after they pass.

Back at the funeral Sam is the next to speak.  He recounts how he first met Terry.  Andy has brought him, and the Raging Bitch, to lure Terry out to go fishing.  On the dock Terry reels in a catfish and after his initial excitement wears off tells Andy to throw it back.  When Andy says that it is just a fish Terry tells him that every life matters.  After the fish is in the water again Terry breaks down and says he doesn’t know if he can handle a job.  Sam tells him that he likes him and hires him on the spot.  At the VC Eric finds the rotund therapist and tells him he forgot to ask him something…how he was going to die.  The therapist gets a smarmy grin on his face and says he can die happy because he fucked Pam.  Eric is royally pissed and rips his protective contact lenses out.  He then asks if this is true, and he again says yes, and hauls him up to take to Pam so she can kill him.  He also hears an ear splitting scream and recognizes it.  He opens a door and voila there is good ol’ Ginger!

Lafayette, who looks marvelous in his pinstripe suit and long lashes, is next to speak and talks about Terry’s first night working at Merlotte’s.  Terry is standing in front of the fryer, with a basket full of burned fries, in a daze.  Lafayette snaps him out of it and Terry asks for help.  Lafayette calms him down and shows him how to drop the fries, and do a strange little dippin’ dance while doing so.  After Portia Bellefleur speaks the pastor asks if anyone else would like to speak before Arlene takes the podium.  As the awkward silence goes on Sookie hears Arlene thinking that she is not quite ready to say goodbye and Sookie decides to go up.  She informs the congregation that she is a telepath and recalls Terry’s first night on the job as well.  We see Sookie, Arlene and an unnamed waitress at the past with Arlene asking for her orders and the other waitress blatantly flirting with Terry.  As Arlene walks away with her food Sookie hears Terry thinking that Arlene is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, that she makes him want to write music again and that she also makes coming out of the woods a lot less scary.  Sookie says, “He loved you since the second you walked into his life and you ought to know that”.  Sob!

Sookie is about to overcome her fear of public speaking.

Sookie is about to overcome her fear of public speaking.

Bill makes his way to the Sun Room with a guard who is miraculously still living.  At the same time Sarah is ascending the stairs outside to get to the roof where she begins to introduce the sun to the vamps inside.  As Sarah looks down into the portal she has just opened we see that everyone, save for Steve Newlin, is feeding on Bill and not burning.  Eric, despite Bill telling him to let Steve feed, grabs him and forces him into the light.  As he looks up at Sarah his final words are, “I love you…JASON STACKHOUSE!”.  I’m going to miss that pathetic bastard.  Eric also informs Pam that he has saved the therapist for her.

Arlene, the last one to speak, takes us back to when Mikey was born and how she was unable to feed him.  Terry patiently calms her and Mikey and on her next attempt she is successful.  Terry holds her and says how much he loves their family.  The pastor is about to hand things over to the Marines when the mostly mute Big John stands and asks to speak.  As he reaches the podium he says that he is no good with words and would like to sing “Life Matters” instead.  This induced more sobbing from me, damn it!  That man has a beautiful voice and it carries on through the rest of the Vamp Camp footage, Terry’s twenty-one gun salute and the presentation of the American flag to Arlene.

The vamps in the Sun Room are giddy and Pam asks if they have killed everyone that needs to be.  Jason hears this and goes after Sarah.  A nearly drained Bill lies on the Sun Room floor and sees Lillith’s three bitches coming toward him.  They tell him that his time on earth is over and Bill says that he isn’t going anywhere.  Outside Jason tackles Sarah and wrestles her gun away from her.  As she pathetically pleads for her life she asks him what will become of his soul if he pulls the trigger.  He has the cocked gun to her throat and…can’t follow through!  He lets her drive off!  Damn Jason!  Eric and the rest of the newly minted day walkers venture outside and begin destroying the Tru Blood supply.  We see a brief glimpse of a Tru Blood truck making a delivery in Honolulu when he is attacked by a gang of vamps who proceed to steal the supply.  Jessica realizes that Bill is not with them and she and James head back inside.  Jess and James go to him and James lets Bill feed.  The trio then rejoins the group who are ready to continue their celebration at Bill’s house.  Pam lags behind and sees a tearful Eric.  She tells him not to leave her again and he zooms off into the sky.  Poor Pam.

Jason I have a sick feeling you, and everyone else, are going to regret not blowing that bitch away...

Jason I have a sick feeling you, and everyone else, are going to regret not blowing that bitch away…

Whew!  Only one episode left friendos!  Don’t forget to tune in next Sunday for the finale and then check out my recap next Monday.  Thanks for reading!

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