The Soska Sisters Set Their Sights On The Big Red Machine For WWE’s SEE NO EVIL 2

We have to hand it to the Soska sisters. To go from indie horror/grindhouse directors to working with the WWE seems like a dream and we can’t be more happy for them. Read on about their upcoming directing job with Kane and See No Evil 2. This ones gonna get messy!

see_no_evilMany, and I do mean MANY people thought See No Evil was just trash. We saw it as a great throwback that featured a character we would love to see more of. Now we can!

WWE and Lionsgate are reuniting for See No Evil 2 and they have assigned a directing team to take the helm.

The “Twisted Twins” Jen and Sylvia Soska are stepping behind the camera for the film in their first studio-assigned project.  Shooting begins this fall.

The duo gave us American Mary earlier this year.

Written by Nathan Brookes and Bobby Lee Darby, See No Evil 2 picks up immediately after the first film and finds Kane’s Jacob Goodnight in the city morgue, rising from the dead and picking off medical students.

Can the Soska’s make this sequel surpass the original? We have the utmost confidence in them! Go get’em ladies.

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