SHARKNADO Hit Theaters, Did It Even Make A Splash?

So the cult favorite Sharknado from SYFY had a theatrical run and we have the numbers for the made for TV flick below. Could all those sharks scare up a big box office pull? Read on for the goods.

sharknado.608x342 Regal hosted a 200 special midnight screenings on Friday night and, here in L.A., the film got the red carpet treatment with some of the cast and crew attending.

According to THR, the film grossed $200k from its midnight screenings.  Final numbers are not in yet.

It looks to us that Sharknado is better suited for TV than the big screen. That doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s a bad thing.

The film has aired three times on SyFy and its ratings grew steadily until it the high point of 2.1 million viewers on its third airing.

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