IMAGE Comics Fan Favorite ‘CHEW’ Gets Animated, TV Show Still Possible

Back in 2011 Showtime announced it would take on Image Comics ‘Chew’ and that’s all we heard. Now we have some more news for you about the project below.

Chew_1But, that was back in 2011…

 THR is now saying it may get a second shot…

Jeff Krelitz of Quality Transmedia picked up the rights to the comic book when they lapsed at Showtime. He now plans to develop the property as an animated project that will hopefully pave the wave for a live-action television series.

This model worked once before for Krelitz when he snagged “Peter Panzerfaust” which went animated and is now set up at the BBC.

Launched in 2009, the ongoing series is written by John Layman and illustrated by Rob Guillory. It deals with a police detective, Tony chu, who happens to be a “cibopath”, someone with the supernatural ability to gain a psychic impression of an object by eating it. Throughout his investigations, Chu comes up against a variety of other people with different food-related abilities.

More as it develops.

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