Editorial: TRULY DISTURBING Turns 2

Ahoy there fiends. It seems that the second year of this thing called TrulyDisturbing.com has arrived. Before I go into a rant I just wish to say…thanks. Yeah, I said it. Thanks. Without YOU, this whooole thing couldn’t be happening. So with that, I am indebted to you always. These past two years have been a roller coaster of experiences and events. It’s been awesome. I have met many of you, talked over the phone with some of you, and have even had a drink or meal with some of you. You’re family to me. That will never change. It may sound dumb or idealistic but it’s the truth.

The staff of TD have been a source of joy, anger, love, and frustration. I wouldn’t change that for the world. We’ve learned to deal with each other and also how to bring you the best news and info we can. That shit ain’t easy people. We sacrifice our free time because we’re fans and know that, like us, fans would want to see the things we get to or the things that they may not have access to that the press does.

“Wait, you don’t get paid?” You know how many times that question has been asked of me? It’s on an almost constant basis when people hear how many staff  members we have.  I reply always the same; “Ya know, if we eventually get paid, that would be sweet but it’s not our main focus. That doesn’t mean that we don’t get paid. We get paid in the perks of going to conventions, meeting awesome people, and having some of the best memories ever. That’s way better than money to us.” That always gets met with a bit of a grin by people. It’s the truth though. I’ll leave it at that.

Two years went by in a flash people. It was a whirlwind of life, death, love and hate. Sounds so dramatic huh? Our staff have been through hell and back these past few years but they have always come through. Family members have passed away, children born, hospital stays and weddings. All of these things occurred and yet, our writers still did their job. They made it a priority to finish an article…why? For the sheer fact that, they are excited to see what you have to say about their thoughts and if you agree, GREAT! If you don’t, let’s talk about it and see where we differ. Something about that, that right there, makes it all worth it.

My thanks must go out to any and all who supported us, retweeted us, liked us on Facebook, or just talked to us. You ROCK!

So from all of us here at TD, we hope you continue to enjoy reading TrulyDisturbing.com and thank you for  trusting us with giving you horror news. Here’s to year 3 and what lies ahead.

Stay Spooky,

Sam Santiago

Editor In Chief


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