TV Recap – TRUE BLOOD “In The Evening”

After last week’s extremely emotional episode I think we needed a bit of a reprieve…unfortunately we didn’t get much of one.  Read on!


We begin with Eric helping a very sick Nora out of Vamp Camp.  He instructs Willa to stay behind and warn Pam not to drink the tainted Tru Blood.  She finds Pam in solitary and says she wants to warn all the vamps.  Pam tells her she can only let Tara and Jessica know otherwise people will become suspicious.  She leaves Pam and uses the scientists severed arm to sneak back into general population.  Eric takes Nora to Bill’s house and pleads with him to give her his blood.  Nora refuses saying she doesn’t want Lillith’s blood inside her.  Sarah arrives at the governor’s mansion and finds the carnage that Bill left behind, including Truman’s head propped on the base of a statue.  She “mourns” for roughly three seconds and then calls in reinforcements.  She tells the senator that no one can know that Truman is dead.  She wants him to use his people to tell everyone that the governor was attacked but is safe and governing from a secret location.  Meanwhile she will be his presence at Vamp Camp.

"Sorry honey I can't come any closer I don't want to get my dress dirty."

“Sorry honey I can’t come any closer I don’t want to get my dress dirty.”

During pillow talk with Warlow Sookie hears Arlene crying at Terry’s grave and tells Warlow she has to go to her.  She tries to comfort her as she walks her home to tell her kids what happened to Terry.  Sam calls Lafayette and asks how things are.  After he finds out the bad news he tells Nicole to call her mother to pick her up because he has to go back to Bon Temps for the funeral.  When Arlene sees Lafayette in her house she screams at him and asks what the hell Terry called him about.  Andy says he will help her tell the kids and leads her out of the room.  He tells Holly and Sookie about the safety deposit box and Holly says they should go find out what’s in it.  When they open it they find a life insurance policy worth two million.

Jason has guards bring Jessica into a conference room to tell her he’s going to save her and get her out.  She says she doesn’t deserve to be saved after what she’s done.  Jason has the line of the night when he asks, “You don’t have that stockholder syndrome do you?”.  Classic Jason.  She says if he really wants to help her he can bring her James, the vampire that refused to rape her, to thank him.  Sam and Nicole have goodbye sex in the shower and she promises she won’t say anything about him.  Alcide takes Jackson home and he tells Alcide that he doesn’t have to go back to the pack because the two of them are not meant for the pack life.  Jess tells James what a good guy he is.  She tells him that they are all going to die very soon because of the Hepatitis V that is in the Tru Blood.  She also says that the only thing she wants to do right now is, ironically, to have sex with him because she’s never been with a vamp.

Eric tells Bill that he will do anything for him if he gives Nora his blood.  He also says under his breath that he believes Bill is divine.  He tells Eric about his vision of them meeting the sun and that he needs Eric and Warlow to go back with him to Vamp Camp.  Eric agrees, Nora feeds from him but to no avail.  Eric begs him to find Warlow but Nora knows that will only help her to walk in the sun, not cure her.  Sookie and Lafayette go back to Arlene’s and Andy tells them it is not a good time to tell her about the money now because she is super drunk.  Sookie hears Adilyn’s thoughts and introduces herself.  At that moment Bill walks in and Andy gets everybody upstairs.  Bill walks over to Arlene and gives his condolences.  Then he does the same with Andy.  Bill says how hard it was for him to lose his first child and Andy says it’s probably not as hard as losing three.  They have a tense moment.  Bill wishes Andy’s daughter well and Andy begrudgingly says ditto about Jessica and they shake hands.  Strange.  Very strange.  He takes Sookie outside and tells her about everyone in Vamp Camp and that he needs her to bring Warlow to him as soon as possible.  He says if she doesn’t she will have blood on her hands.

"I think I've had one too many PBR's if Bill is out in the is daytime right?"

“I think I’ve had one too many PBR’s if Bill is out in the daytime…it is daytime right?”

Pam, who somehow manages to make her prison jumpsuit look hot, is ready for her therapy session with her love struck therapist.  She tells him she is not thirsty, just horny.  He gets very hot under the collar and she tells of her sexual exploits.  She rushes to him and asks if he wants her.  He says yes and she says she will agree to it if he can get her into the general population.  That Pam will do anything for a good cause.  Sarah finds Jason waiting outside the room that Jessica and James are having sex in and tells him that Truman is dead.  She then has a guard stab him in the arm and throw him in female population and tells him to enjoy his whores.  This bitch better die soon…I mean it!  Tara and the alpha vamp protect him from the hungry horde.  Alcide tells the pack that Sam and Nicole are dead and that Emma is with Martha.  He says that should make Rikki happy and she says she would be a lot happier if he wasn’t full of shit.  She then has two wolves bring out the bound and gagged Nicole and her mother.  Back at Bill’s house Eric prays for Godric to save Nora.  Nora reminds him that he has already saved her once.  We see a flashback of London in 1665.  Nora was working with plague sufferers and was on her deathbed when Eric came to get her for the king.  Instead he found out how brave she was and offers her eternal life and an end to her suffering.  In the present she says she is glad to spend her last moments with her brother.  Eric holds her as she disintegrates in his arms.  He raises his blood stained face and sees a forlorn looking Bill standing in the doorway.

I am going to miss Nora.  She was a class act.

I am going to miss Nora. She was a class act.

How did you like the episode Trubies?  I think, besides Nora’s death of course, this was the calm before the storm episode and shit’s about to get real.  Thanks for reading friendos!

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