Panel Recap: HELLBOY 20th Anniversary at SDCC

At San Diego Comic Con I sat in on the Mike Mignola’s panel talking about all things Hellboy! Check out the breakdown about what’s happening in Big Red’s universe. 

hellboy 20thHave you been reading HELLBOY? B.P.R.D? I can only assume you have since if you like horror comics, and good literature in general, it would be criminal to not be reading them.
Mike Mignola and Dark Horse editor Scott Allie were on hand at Comic Con to talk about the recent goings on in the Hellboy universe. The panel consisted mostly of Mignola and Allie fielding questions from the Con goers for roughly an hour. It was a nice relaxed atmosphere to hear about the end of the world.
Once again, I am going to assume that you have been reading these titles, cause it is about to get spoilery up in here. Before that though, one “announcement” to make very clear is this one: No, there are no plans for a HELLBOY 3 movie. Mignola is behind it if it goes, but currently there are no plans for one. With that out of the way, on to the spoilers.

The Hellboy universe is currently ending. It is in a state of Biblical apocalypse. And to add to that, Hellboy is dead. And not comic book dead where a space entity will bring him back to life, but dead dead. In fact, he is so dead, the most recent story arc is HELLBOY IN HELL. It is four issues in and Mignola is finishing the fifth entry in the series, to be released in December. We can expect more beautiful art in haunting vistas as Hellboy journeys through the different cultures’ interpretations of Hell. Mignola was asked where he gets these ideas from. His response was interesting, as he described his work room filled with books on lore that he will look through for ideas. The stories he chooses are driven more by what he wants to draw as opposed to what to write. This is surprising as the writing has always felt well connected and planned. His stories are a fantastic mix of horror pulp action with classical literature level story and themes.
HELLBOY is such a fantastic title primarly because it is written by a fan motivated by what he loves. HELLBOY came about from Mignola wanting to draw monsters. His solution was to have not only monsters as bad guys but the lead character be a monster himself, inadvertently making a wonderfully complex character.
Beyond Hellboy wandering the afterlife, B.P.R.D is watching the world end. What makes this different from the usual end of the world is that, as Mignola says, in the AVENGERS it looks like they rebuilt New York in a week and everything if fine. In B.P.R.D. cities are destroyed, whole sections of the planet are crumbling, sinking, or over run by monsters. And its not fixable. Both Allie and Mignola made it clear that there wasn’t going to be an erase button for all these events. It gives the comic an amazing fatalistic feel, with all the characters fighting a loosing battle. It is honestly one of the only comics out there where there is no obvious solution of how or even if this event will ever be stopped. I can’t see what is going to happen next and that is incredibly exciting.
AllieMignola--415x215Beyond this is, Mignola talked a little about a young Hellboy graphic novel, call HELLBOY AND THE MIDNIGHT CIRCUS, which promises to combine Hellboy, my favorite comic, with elements of SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES, one of my favorite Ray Bradbury books, which is tantalizing as hell. There is also the ABE SAPIEN series ongoing, a stellar new title, and beyond the Hellboy universe, the comic series for BALTIMORE continues. If you haven’t read that or the other collaborative novels Mignola did with Christopher Golden, get on it. It has been some of the best horror literature to date. Mike Mignola is always a joy to listen to and hearing about how he has built out those worlds makes the next few years in comics very exciting.

Look for these titles at your local comic shop folks!

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