Horror Short Review: Baggage (2013)

BAGGAGE by filmmakers Rob Dimension and Jeremiah Kipp comes out on DVD in August. Here’s a review of the psychological thriller. Click below.

Baggage poster New Font-BAGGAGE (2013)

DIRECTOR: Jeremiah Kipp

WRITER: Rob Dimension

STARS: Rob Dimension, Ilaria Malvezzi, Kim Dimension, Jerry Janda, Amber Marchese,  Thomas Mendolia and Chris Raddatz.



We interact with a variety of people on a daily basis: coworkers, clients, friends, loved ones, family, and numerous strangers. How well do we know those people? How well do you know the person in the next cubicle? In BAGGAGE, writer Rob Dimension explores the sociopathic nature of anti-social Benjamin. His coworkers think he’s just strange. But there’s something much more sinister to Benjamin than meets the eye.


BAGGAGE starts off in what is a typical day in Benjamin’s life, he wakes up, gets ready for work, goes to work, goes to the bar to get a drink. However, today, something different happens and the cracks in Benjamin’s plastered life starts to show. What unravels shows a side to a person that no one expected.

As this is a spoiler-free review, I will touch upon the writing and direction of the film. Rob Dimension is establishing himself as a writer who GETS the darker side of people. With his first attempt at filmmaking, Rob wrote fluently about revenge and despair in NO CLOWNING AROUND (see my review HERE). This time around, Rob delves even deeper, honing in on a sociopathic nature of someone who has deep psychological issues. This is not an easy feat. Normally it can go one of two ways: fantastically spot-on, or horribly bad. Rob hit the nail on the head with this script.

As for direction, Jeremiah Kipp is a phenomenal director who eloquently transcribes whats on paper to whats on film. The constant moving of the camera adds to the nervousness you see behind Benjamin’s eyes. The film is also shot in black and white, which acts as a catalyst to how black and white Benjamin’s world is compared to everyone else’s.

BAGGAGE is a fantastic short that leaves the viewer wanting to know more about Benjamin and how get got to his breaking point. Its a psychological study of a sociopath with deep, disturbing issues that make you wonder what goes on behind closed doors with everyone you know. What can be said for sure, is to keep your eyes on Rob Dimension; only more amazing shorts or even features will follow.


BAGGAGE is set to be released August 16th. Visit HERE for more info.

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