Need a Horror and Paranormal Fix? Come to Parafest in PA this September!

Can’t wait until October to be surrounded by all things spooky? Parafest in September in Bethlehem, PA is just around the corner. Check it out below.

parafest2013Bethlehem, PA will be the place to be for all horror and paranormal fans from September 6-8, 2013. If you are a fan of TRUE BLOOD, THE WALKING DEAD, or SUPERNATURAL then this is the place for you. Vendors, celebrity guests, and fans will converge together at the Sands Casino and Resort to celebrate the love of horror and all things spooky. We got the official info we need to convince you to go–AND WE WILL BE THERE TOO! Pack your car, pack your bags and head over to Bethlehem.


What can you expect at Parafest? A whole lot of horror and paranormal activities. Not only will there be vendors and celebrity guests, there will also be a film festival that is sponsored by our friends at the Macabre Faire Film Festival. There will also be an Undead Celebrity Party, where guests can dress up as their favorite celebrities that have passed on. In addition tons of live entertainment the entire weekend, the people at Parafest are selling tickets to the VIP Executive Access which allows you to hang out with your favorite TV show celebrities one on one. There will also be a ghost hunt in a nearby Inn where guests can learn how a hunt really happens from the professionals of “Ghost Adventures.” Need more? The people at Parafest have also brought in Ouija board historian Robert Murch to do readings for guests.


So much is to be done during Parafest in September, its a no-brainer that everyone should go. You can find out more information on hotel accomodations, directions, and a full list of guests HERE.

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