Premiere and DVD Release Date Announced for THE PARANORMAL DIARIES

Need more paranormal movies? THE PARANORMAL DIARIES: CLOPHILL to be available on DVD this fall. Check out the info below.

imagesFrom the Press Release:


From the makers of The Zombie Diaries comes a brand new, chilling hit British horror The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill.

In March 1963 a black mass was held within the ruins of a church in the small English village of Clophill. Tombs were desecrated and animals sacrificed during the macabre ritual.

Fifty years on, following numerous reports of strange apparitions since that infamous ceremony, an investigative film crew was assembled to interview eyewitnesses and set up camp within the church ruins. During the long night ahead they hoped to capture some kind of paranormal presence. Nothing however could prepare them for the terrifying scenes they were about to witness and the events that followed.

This bone-chilling horror will make its debut at Frightfest 2013 followed by its release on DVD complete with stunning packaging and excellent special features on 14 October 2013 courtesy of Second Sight.



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