SDCC Panel Review: Sleepy Hollow (TV)

Are you a fan of the story of SLEEPY HOLLOW. Well, fear not, there’s a TV show slated to premiere on Fox in the Fall. Check out the details below.

sleepy-hollow-bannerThis weekend at San Diego Comic Con, we were lucky enough to be able to attend a few panels, one of them being the Sleepy Hollow panel. This fall, Fox will be adding Sleepy Hollow to its evening lineup.

We were able to see the pilot episode, and then heard the cast answer a few questions and discuss the show a bit.

As most people know, the traditional story of Sleepy Hollow follows the story of Ichabod Crane and his encounters with the Headless Horsemen as he rides around the small 1700s-era town lopping people’s heads off. This modern-day adaption includes the traditional story with a new contemporary twist. This adaptation, created by Philip Iscove, weaves in a new storyline of the end of days with the Washington Irving classic. In Iscove’s version, a witch places a spell on Icabod Crane, who was struck down in the Revolutionary War in an epic battle with the Mercenary who becomes the Headless Horsemen by Crane’s sword. When the Horseman is dug up by an unknown source, Crane is resurrected from his spellbound slumber in the modern era and is looped into helping the police figure out why the Headless Horseman has come back to finish his axe-wielding massacre.

The show itself is supposed to be a drama, however, it comes off comedic at points because of the time-traveling aspect of Ichabod Crane. We were able to view the pilot episode. So far, its not that bad. They do need to fix the unintentional comedic points, as its not intended to be a comedy. The modern take on a classic tale has to be written out carefully as to not damage the original story. I do believe that the show has potential if they don’t stray far from its predecessor.

Sleepy Hollow stars Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane, Orlando Jones as Captain Irving, Nicole Beharie as LT. Mills, and Richard Cetrone as the Headless Horseman.


Below is the trailer. It premieres September 16, 2013 on Fox.



And a bonus! Our assistant editor ran into some headless horsemen at SDCC and showed off her Sleepy Hollow tattoo.




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