Unlucky Charms Cereal Boxes

I’ve never been a breakfast person and this is not helping.  Read on for the wickedly interesting details.

UNC CEREAL BOTH SIDESFull Moon Features has a very special surprise in store for fans visiting Comic-Con next week.  Their latest and greatest feature film, Unlucky Charms (releasing July 30th), will make its worldwide debut as part of a limited edition cereal box- available only at SDCC!


Fans can stop by Full Moon’s booth all weekend to claim their 11.5 oz. box, which comes packed with 7.2 ounces of “maliciously unhealthy” multi-colored cereal marshmallows. The box, which can be purchased at Comic-Con for $20, comes with an Unlucky Charms DVD, complete with special features that include Full Moon trailers, a blooper reel, the VideoZone, Mike Diva’s “Grindhouse Megamix,” a behind-the-scenes featurette, and a brain-teasing “Maze Game Challenge” on the back of the box. Plus, when purchasing the Unlucky Charms cereal box, the box features unused alternative poster art and a secret surprise!


Also at Comic-Con, the legendary Charles Band will be at the Full Moon booth on Saturday, July 20th signing free autographs. And don’t forget to be on the lookout for special guest appearances from some of your favorite Full Moon stars!




                                                    Booth #4022

              *Near the E Entrance* 


SUMMARY:  UNLUCKY CHARMS, directed by Charles Band, tells the story of five beautiful girls who vie for a chance to become the spokesmodel for diva DeeDee Deville’s new high-end line of lingerie. The claws come out when the competition gets fierce; but when the girls begin to disappear one by one they quickly learn that they’re actually competing for their lives. Starring: Tiffany Thornton (“Sonny with a Chance”), Jeryl Prescott Sales (“The Walking Dead”), Charlie O’Connell (“The Bachelor”), Seth Peterson (“Burn Notice”), Ben Woolf (“American Horror Story”), Alex Rose Wiesel (“Dexter”), Nathan Phillips (“Chernobyl Diaries”), Peter Badalamenti (“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”), Mike Diva (YouTube Personality), Masuimi Max (“Inland Empire”), Anna Sophia Berglund (Playboy), Nikki Leigh (Playboy).

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