TrulyDisturbing Exclusive: Learn More about The Walking Dead Escape at SDCC

A few days ago, we got the opportunity to chat on the phone with Liam Brenner, producer of the Walking Dead Escape at SDCC. Check out the info below.

the-walking-dead-escapeGoing to San Diego Comic Con? Love the Walking Dead? Well here’s some inside scoop on the Walking Dead Escape, which is an interactive obstacle course. The Walking Dead Escape was started by Liam Brenner, who cofounded the Denver Marathon. After he sold the Denver Marathon, he started up a rugged sports obstacle course, which ended up becoming zombie-themed and caught on. Last year we saw the debut of the obstacle course at San Diego Comic Con, which ended up being a massive hit. This year, they have partnered up with AMC, The Walking Dead, and Robert Kirkman HIMSELF to bring a more interactive, zombified, and aggressive obstacle course for fans. Below I have highlighted some of the new things you’ll find yourself clammering through at the Escape:



1) MORE ZOMBIES: Yes, Liam stated on the phone to expect 50% more zombies that will chase and try to infect you throughout the course.

2) BIGGER COURSE: Due to overwhelming demands, the course has been expanded to encompass more areas, with a larger “storyline”

3) WALKING DEAD: Since they have partnered up with AMC and Robert Kirkman, you can expect to relive certain scenes from Season 3. Maybe you’ll be trying to survive a herd of walkers from the Prison, maybe you’ll relive a scene in Woodbury. But expect to see some familiar sights.

4) ZOMBIFICATION: With the announcement of the addition of zombies, Liam also told me that they’ve also teamed up with GREG NICOTERO and his sfx team to help create those who are registered as zombies become the most frightening zombies that you’ve seen on the show. So if you’ve ever wanted to look like a Walking Dead zombie, HERE’S YOUR CHANCE!

5) WAYS TO PARTICIPATE: There are 3 ways to participate in the course this year: Spectator, participant and zombie. You can register on their website for all 3 ways.


It will take you roughtly 35-40 minutes to get through the course (if you survive). The Escape is located at Petco Park. This is a paid event, and more information can be found on their website HERE.



Not going to SDCC? DO NOT WORRY!!!! Liam let me in on a little tidbit of information: a week after the convention, they will announce a WALKING DEAD ESCAPE TOUR! He couldn’t give me details where yet, but he did let me know that the Escape will be traveling to major metropolitan cities around the country. STAY TUNED!!!!!

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  1. Dan
    July 20, 2013 at 8:42 AM

    We got to run The Walking Dead Escape 2013 and had a blast. We made it through uninfected. We recorded a HD POV video showing off the entire course.

    Anyone else do it?

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