Paranormal Activity 5 Release May Be Delayed

The release of Paranormal Activity 5 may be delayed from this October to sometime next year, say sources close to distributor Paramount Pictures.  Read on for the details.

According to The Wrap, the studio is debating whether to remove the film from its current release date, October 25, and instead open it in early January.
All four previous installments of the low-budget “found footage” franchise, which spearheaded a new wave of similar films after the 2009 original earned $194 million worldwide on a reported budget of $15,000, have come out in October, close to Halloween.
Each succeeding movie has made at least $140 million at the box office, while costing no more than $5 million to make. But last year’s Paranormal Activity 4 was the lowest earner in the series, relatively speaking, which could very well have Paramount considering whether the franchise is running out of steam with moviegoers.
The only other compelling reason for delaying the film may be simply that it’s not ready. The films have traditionally been written and produced very quickly to make the annual release date. The name of the director for the fifth film has not been announced, although a source told the Wrap that studio execs “really like the director, but they are second guessing themselves.”
There are no other horror movies currently scheduled to open in October, while next January — which has become a strong month for horror in theaters — already has Devil’s Due and Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes.

What do you think, should the studios give the Paranormal Activity series a rest?

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