TV Recap – TRUE BLOOD “**** The Pain Away”

Hi Trubies!  Sorry I’ve been out of commission the past couple weeks but let’s jump back in and dig into last night’s episode!


This week we start where we left off, of course.  Sookie threatens Warlow with her super nova light.  She lets him get up and he tries to explain himself and says that he loves her and has waited millennia for her and only her.  She calls bullshit and says if he loves her so much why the hell did he murder her parents.  He says that her parents were trying to kill her and Sookie grazes him with the light.  Meanwhile Bill is trying to calm Jessica down after she fed on Andy’s fae daughters.  When Warlow is hurt Bill feels it, sends Jess to her room and rushes to Sookie’s.  She thinks he’s there to try to save her but he is there for Warlow.  He says the old “As your maker I command you…” and Warlow leaves with him.  It took me a moment to remember that Lillith is part of Bill.  Andy busts in to Bill’s house and finds his four girls on the floor.  He finds one barely alive, picks her up and leaves.


“Don’t make me go super nova on your ass Warlow!”

Tara finds Eric and tells him that Pam has just been arrested.  His plan?  Why to get arrested too, of course!  After Pam is processed at the vamp camp she is led down a hall where she sees various experiments being conducted, including fang extraction.  Ouch.  At Governor Truman Burrell’s mansion Sarah Newlin is taking her opportunity to say she wants to get married and have a baby so he can forget about his vampire daughter Willa.  He says he will not discuss it now and leaves to escort his daughter to vamp camp, much to Sarah’s dismay.  Bill takes Warlow to his laboratory and draws his blood.  He explains that Lillith is a part of him and we get a flashback all the way back to 3500 BC.  Warlow leaves his village to get water and Lillith discovers him and she says that god told her that he was meant to save all vampires, then she turns him…after the sex of course.

Sarah and her ego are waiting on Jason’s steps when he arrives home.  First she tells him she wants to save his soul and then she says, and I quote, “God wants me to fuck you”.  Of course Jason can’t resist such a subtle line and they make sweet sweet love.  Andy takes his surviving daughter to the station and gives her V from the evidence room.  Alcide and his dad Jackson are on the trail of Sam, Nicole and Emma.  After Al gets nowhere with the local backwoods werewolves Jackson asks him if he is trying to get Emma because it is right or if he’s trying to impress his new piece of ass.  Of course Alcide, who is turning into an ass, does not take kindly to that and tells Jackson to get the hell out of his life.

Jessica shows up at Jason’s house and confesses that she killed Andy’s girls and wants to know why god isn’t punishing her.  She also ruminates about the fact that perhaps Bill isn’t a god.  Perhaps he’s a devil.  Sarah awakens from her post coital bliss and confronts Jason for banging a vamp.  Jess attacks her and Sarah quotes a biblical verse and then somehow rescinds Jessica’s invitation…I thought the owner of the house had to do that.  I need an explanation!  As soon as Jess floats backwards out the door she is arrested.  Back at the vamp camp Eric is put in a room with three other vamps.  Balls drop from the ceiling and they play a game I like to call Musical Balls.  Balls drop from the ceiling and the last vamp to pick one up is shot until only two remain.  Not surprisingly Eric is victorious.  Pam is in another room, a more cozy one.  A therapist tells her that if she answers his questions truthfully she will be rewarded with a living donor.  After some basic questions the therapist asks about her maker.  She says that she was released and that after a period of mourning, she no longer cares about Eric.  The therapist tells her that he doesn’t entirely believe her.

"Maybe therapy isn't so bad after all."

“Maybe therapy isn’t so bad after all.”

Sookie goes to Merlotte’s and asks Lafayette to contact her parents to find out the truth.  Terry meets with a buddy, Justin, that he knows from basic training,  He says he will pay Justin to kill him.  Justin readily agrees but says he will do it for free.  Terry only asks that he give him a few days to get his affairs in order and that he doesn’t want to know when it’s coming.  Real nice Terry.  Leave Arlene and your baby, jerkass!  Sam, Nicole and Emma are holed up in a seedy motel room.  Sam stops Nic from using a pay phone to call her parents and they are seen by Jackson who is also staying there with a young lady.  I wonder if he’ll tell Alcide after their big fight…

Sookie takes Lala to her house and they begin the séance.  Lala says that he can’t understand her parents’ answer when Sookie asks if they tried to kill her.  She grabs his hand and uses her fae powers to see the answer.  Her parents are in the kitchen and Warlow tells them that he will be back for his “intended” when she is of age and he will make her immortal.  Sookie’s dad wants none of this and after drugging her he tells his wife that she won’t feel a thing.  She is more open to the idea of an immortal Sookie but goes along for the ride anyway.  Sookie’s dad suddenly appears behind her and promptly jumps into Lala’s body.  The possessed Lala proceeds to tie Sookie up and put her in his trunk.

"Daddy was only trying to kill you for your own good Sookie!"

“Daddy was only trying to kill you for your own good Sookie!”

Warlow is holding Bill’s scientist hostage and we see another flashback of Warlow killing his whole village, and we see that the only survivor is a toddler aged Niall.  A distraught Warlow then day walks to Lillith’s cave and uses his fae light to blast a hole letting sunlight in and he watches her burn.  Back in present time Warlow screams to Lillith that she should have stayed dead and that he wishes all vampires were extinct.  At the vamp camp Sarah has dragged Truman back to give him a surprise.  She brings him to a room where Steve Newlin and Pam’s therapist are.  He is not pleased to see that her gay ex-husband is his surprise and then she points him toward the two-way mirror.  Eric enters the other room and Truman asks about Willa.  Eric tells him to fuck off.  A panel opens and Eric grabs the very long stake that they have provided to him and asks for something to kill.  Another panel opens and Pam enters.  Sarah explains that Steve told her that Eric was Pam’s maker and that they love each other.  Truman looks pleased and the therapist chimes in and tells Pam to show how little her maker means to her now.  The episode ends with Lafayette dragging Sookie down to the water and dunking her head under.

How did you like this episode?  Which major character do you think will be killed off?  As always, thanks for reading Trubies!  I’ll catch you next week.

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